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I am a simple woman who loves to write. I started roleplaying with writing in 2005. It has been on and off at times depending on inspiration and life circumstances. I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons since I was quite little. While I may not be very good at writing I am always striving to learn more and better myself. I enjoy playing games, writing, reading, and relaxing in my free time. I like to believe I am fairly easy to get along with. I love meeting new people even if we do not get a story going.

I suppose I should write some rules here...

1. Please be patient with me. My inspiration and motivation only lasts so long on any given day. Some days it last longer and other days it never comes. I try my best to have a reasonable time frame when it comes to role-playing. I strive to get to each reply within a week but sometimes it can be a little longer.

2. I am not big on erotic roleplays. While I am working on becoming better with them it is not something I am very comfortable doing with just anybody. Ask me about it before we begin a roleplay. I will only consider this if you are OVER 18 years old and have told me as much.

3. I love action, adventure, and fantasy role-plays. Cross-overs can also be interesting to me.

4. Have fun. Seems pretty self explanatory.

*As a side note, at work we are typically shorthanded. This could be due to understaffing or simply because people have called in and are unable to work that day. Often times when people call in we are unable to get a replacement in for them which adds more stress to my day. This sometimes hampers my creative spirit. While replies will not cease they will be drastically slower than what I normally strive for. I apologize this will put you off or dampen your own creative vibes.

*I have developed a better method which seems to be working fairly well depending on inspiration. I will be attempting to complete one RPR replies (oldest replies or ones I want to do first) and one discord reply. After that then I will get to some group replies. Anything after that is bonus icing on the cake.


*Flower arrangement was created by Dorian

Walrus name: Sinaaq

Rave Reviews

Sunneva is the character I know the best out of Krispy's and she's always a character that tickles the crap out of me. Her heart is made out of gold as Sunneva is playful and always wants the best for everyone. You could not get a better friend than Sunneva, especially in Püertagœ. <3 - Demilicious
Krispy was the first 'outsider' to join my tabletop group (The Quest Connection) earlier this year. She's been a wonderful addition to the group; she creates awesome characters, RPs very well, and knows how to contribute to the group story. Can't imagine the group without her! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TimTowtiddy

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  • Demilicious gave Raz'mik (played by Krispythekritter) kudos:
    Raz'mik is a glorious kind of trouble. As much as he belongs in Bharabu, I would be keen on seeing what trouble he could get into in Puertagoe. He is innovative, despite walking a fine line between diplomacy and disaster. At least he knows what he wants and stops at nothing to get it. I love a character with true drive. <3 Creative ideas Drives the plot forward
    (About 3 days 2 hours ago)
  • DorianM gave Krispythekritter kudos:
    Krispy is a lovely writer, easygoing, kind, creative and funny, and I am very grateful to be able to write together as part of Tam'nýer-a'. Each of her eight characters is unique and endearing, and they are all portrayed so well that each post is a wonderful read. It has been a pleasure to write with each one of them (I almost got them all! <3) and I am looking forward to many more stories together. Our plotting never stops. Kind and understanding Great sense of humor
    (About 3 days 10 hours ago)
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  • Sydney Richards (played by Krispythekritter) replied to the forum topic South Fork(About 1 week 2 days ago)
  • Sydney Richards (played by Krispythekritter) replied to the forum topic South Fork(About 1 week 3 days ago)