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Time zone: PST
Status: July 7, 2020

I'll be unavailable the 17th through the 20th <3 Any RP's I'm in may skip me during this time, and any art will be on pause till I am able to get back, thanks!!

Commissions: Open, See some YCH's here
Art Trades: Open.
Current Obsession: WIDOFO

Role Play: Participating in the IC Summer Events, no 1x1 RP's though <3


Hey, I’m Vi but you can call me Kruhee or Kru as it’s my screen name on just about everything. I’m here to RP, make friends, and doof around. My philosophy is you give what you get, I will respect others as long as they respect me, and if not I will stop contact with them and we can get on with our lives. I don’t do drama, and overall I really just want to be a responsible, fun loving adult. Oh, I am an adult by the by, so I won’t be playing with anyone under 18+ for my own comfort. But if anyone of any age wants to talk about art or the character creation process I’m down for that.

I like to play just about everything when it comes to RP settings but Victorian and Modern Fantasy are my favorites. I am inspired by books like The Original Grimm Fairy Tales, The Lies of Locke Lamora, Red Seas Under Red Skies, LORE, Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything, and many more. As well as the basic history of the esoteric and religion. They reflect in my writing as I draw inspiration from the things that I like. This means slight supernatural elements surrounded by the dirty, war-torn mundane. As such, I like to play the bad guy, or the good guy, or anything that is needed including multiple NPC’s or even multiple characters in the same scene. IE I like to play just about anything. People are complicated and a character is never going to be just one thing, I try to reflect that in my own characters, and in my writing.

A bit about me:
I am a history buff when it comes to medieval trade and textiles. I like to recreate clothing from across centuries from different cultures.

I can often times come off as closed off, or impersonal as I experience anxiety when speaking to new people. I promise, I care, but sometimes it doesn't show as being warm and friendly right away. Mostly I just do not know what to say in many situations and often choose not to say anything at all.

I have Misophonia, this isn't anyone's fault but on occasion does cause a tremendous amount of unnecessary RL stress.

Due to past experience in the RP community, I am slow to create meaningful and lasting connections between characters. I am even slower to allow romance between my character and another. I don’t condone auto-shipping, or OOC guilt tripping to play one specific character.

If at any time OOC and IC are mixed, expect a talk. If it keeps happening, expect a block.

Thanks for reading!


Rave Reviews

I am so fricking glad Kruhee is back in the game! She is so awesome! Not only is she kind OOC, but her characters are eccentric, each one bringing something new to the table! I have had two separate roleplays with her in the past, both of which were amazing. And I can’t wait to start again! If you can, please roleplay with Kruhee, you won’t regret it! She is patient, sweet, and funny! Love you so much! - Redrose
While I don't know Kruhee very well yet, I am in love with their art! They breathe such life into characters, it's hard not to admire their work. Moreover, from what I've seen, they're a kind, compassionate person who brings warmth to the RPR community. I'm happy to see them around the site! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Auberon

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