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HI! You can call me Kruhee, I'm an artist, forever GM, RPer, and all-around goof. I can come across as quiet at first but I'm always looking to have a good time. I've been RPing for roughly 10 years and find I'm always learning new things, finding myself amazed at others' wonderful ideas, and never disappointed with the creativity that comes out of RP communities. I only RP with adults (With this new verification system that is now confirmed lol) though don't have any issues talking to minors OOC. At times my conversations OOC can bleed into overly formal, especially if I become flustered, it's simply how I am.

Let's be honest now, no lies, here are some strengths and weaknesses in my writing...
♡World Building
♡NPC's & Multi Character Play
♡GMing (I like to take charge)
♡Spelling & Grammar
♡Occasional Purple Prose
♡GMing (Sometimes I do it too much)

That's not to say I don't work on the areas where I am weak but it's only fair to lay them out there.

I love true crime, weird, spooky, and the unexplainable. One might describe my preferred aesthetic as "charmingly alarming" and it is something I equally appreciate in others. Especially spoopy characters! I am also a fan of history, particularly the Regency era, Victorian era, and Italian Renaissance.

Here are some of my favorite RP genres & settings...
Genres/ Tropes:
♡Beautiful Monsters
♡Team Escape
♡Emotional Support
♡Platonic Bromance
♡Arranged Marriage
♡Modern Fantasy
♡Historical Fantasy
♡Low-Magic Fantasy
♡Urban Fantasy
♡Post Apocalyptic Regrowth

Hard-Line No's from me include Fanfic, Metagaming, God-modding, and Gary/Mary Sue.
Hope to see you around! ♡

Rave Reviews

As far as writing go, Kruhee and I have only really written together in passing in group rps. However, I can say that from what I have seen of their style and characters, they are exceptional. Even more so when it comes to their art. I am so so so grateful I was able to snatch up a spot on their patreon and I encourage anyone with a bit of spare change in their pocket to do the same! Their work is to die for and their prices reasonable! Also they're really nice to talk to! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Dndmama
Although I haven't roleplayed with Kruhee as far as I can remember (I may very well be wrong, I'm bad about remembering that stuff hah!), all of my interactions have always been pleasant, and their art is A+ across the board! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - MadRatBird

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