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Heya, name's Kruhee, I'm an artist, RPer, YouTuber, and all around goof. I can come across as quiet at first but I'm always looking to have a good time. I'm usually too busy for much RP but I've been wanting to get into it more. If you want to start something please feel free to ask or if you just want to chat drop me a PM and we can have fun gabbing.

Most of my characters on RPR are anonymous, but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask, I'm an open book.

Hope to see you around! ♡



Rave Reviews

Kruhee isn't only wonderful at art, they're also a wonderful person. Whether it's their artwork or their kindness, they never fail to amaze me. I have not gotten the chance to roleplay with Kruhee yet, but I look forward to potentially doing so in the future as their characters are as creative as they are as a person. If you don't know Kruhee yet, I recommend getting to know them. 10/10 will not disappoint! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - SylOfficial
It's no wonder, why Kruhee has pages and pages of kudos! She is truly an amazing writer, and one of the first solid writers I met here. I appreciate her so much. She is kind, loving, funny, and a great person overall. Kind and understanding Long posts - Redrose

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