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Time zone: PST

Status: 12/09/19
Commissions: Open, ETA 1-3 weeks depending on the piece.
Requests: Closed until after the holidays, ETA January 20th 2020.
Art Trades: Open for inquiry.
Forum Threads: Currently playing Draw the character above (Digital art only)
Role Play: On a bit of a hiatus, ETA unknown.

Random Kruhee Facts:

-Kruhee, barely sleeps. Not by choice.
-Kruhee has written and illustrated a children book about bunnies eating their vegetables.
-Kruhee has Sectoral Heterochromia; a harmless condition in which the colored part of the eye (iris) is multicolored.
-Kruhee thinks talking in the 3rd person like this is super weird and really wants to stop now...

Heya, my name is Kruhee! I am trying to be more open and friendly, but really I tend to fall back on closed off and quiet however, that doesn’t mean I don’t care from the background. I like to RP, duh. I’m not the best writer ever and I am prone to a lot of spelling mistakes, but I do my best.

There are a few things that I won’t tolerate, most of which are already in the rules of RPR so, we don’t need to worry about those. One thing that’s not, though, is acting like a child. I don’t handle tantrums and I don’t handle attempts at guilt tripping, it’s just not something I want to deal with so I simply won’t.

Places I post up art:


Rave Reviews

  • One of the best artists I've commissioned from. Kruhee was very easy to work with and sent updates on art frequently, requested changes were never a problem and I always felt welcomed approaching them with the amazing piece they created for me. If you're looking for...
    -- Voldarian_Empire
  • Kruhee has been a dear friend of mine for more than 5 years and I can't thank her enough for nudging me into joining this site. She's such an insanely creative mind, her art and drawing abilities are astounding, and I love how helpful she is to everyone. Even if I...
    -- Somnom

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