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Time zone: PST
Age Rank: 21+

Status: 9/25/19 Being sick sort of sucks lol

Random Kruhee Facts:

-Kruhee, barely sleeps. Not by choice.
-Kruhee has written and illustrated a children book about bunnies eating their vegetables.
-Kruhee has Sectoral Heterochromia; a harmless condition in which the colored part of the eye (iris) is multicolored.
-Kruhee thinks talking in the 3rd person like this is super weird and really wants to stop now...

I am now taking commissions for character art, you can see the page for that HERE if you have questions please PM for details.

Heya, my name is Kruhee! I am trying to be more open and friendly, but really I tend to fall back on closed off and quiet however, that doesn’t mean I don’t care from the background. Some things about me… I am older than 21, and I like to RP, duh. As a warning, I've locked my account nobody can contact me who is under the age of 18. I’m not the best writer ever and I am prone to a lot of spelling mistakes, but I do my best.

There are a few things that I won’t tolerate, most of which are already in the rules of RPR so, we don’t need to worry about those. One thing that’s not, though, is acting like a child. I don’t handle tantrums and I don’t handle attempts at guilt tripping, it’s just not something I want to deal with so I simply won’t.

As for what I like in RP? Well, I like a lot of things, most of the time I like my plot to be on the darker side. We don’t have to be serial killer and PI running around and trying to outwit one another in a chase to the death, but something out of Creepypasta isn’t unwelcome either. I like fantasy and I prefer there to be the possibility of magic or supernatural oddities available. I really don’t do purely ‘fluffy’ to be honest, it’s just not my thing. There can be sweet moments, but they come around during other, darker plot lines to add spice. I like IC drama, not constant kidnappings but let’s just say I am playing an obsessed, lovelorn stalker/ killer so that may give you some ideas as to the kinds of RP I lean on. But please don’t PM me asking what the ‘creepiest’ thing I’ve RPed is… That’s weird OOC.

So yeah, if you want to RP, drop me a PM. I’d say something about not biting but I think we both know that is a lie… and super cliche.
You got through all that, so uh, good job?

Rave Reviews

  • Kruhee has been a dear friend of mine for more than 5 years and I can't thank her enough for nudging me into joining this site. She's such an insanely creative mind, her art and drawing abilities are astounding, and I love how helpful she is to everyone. Even if I...
    -- Somnom
  • Kruhee always notices all the good parts of a character or even players here! It's nice to have them around because they can always be there to encourage you. They are super kind, ready to explain 50 reasons for you to love yourself. If you ever need a break from...
    -- Dragon_Eye

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