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tIqcbmr.jpgHello! I love Rp. I’m good at coming up with stories but really bad writing.. I like fantasy, magical, sci-fi, mystery. I hate horror and stuff like that. I wish there was a avatar Rp.( like last airbender.) but I love make up stories. If you need help with names or stories, then feel to ask.
I also like fairytail.
I really am not a fan of grammer but I try. I don't belive it fair to not rp just cause the spelling messed up or putting comas or anything in the right place. I have a hard time with grammer. as all the rules and stuff mess me up. so fair warning. I want more people to rp.

I’m bored and need a few good Rp without people ghosting me.
Note: I dislike dice greatly it as have very bad luck with dice. So I avoid it much as possible. So if there a way to avid it I will choose that.

Im 7th day Adventist. If you feel sad I will pray for you. I’m proud to be 7th day Adventist.

Forgive Me for my bad writing but I made a Rp please join. I get defensive easily over writing due to trying to make longer responses. Plus I’m not great at grammar.
also I have had many ghost me and im tired of it. I wait for a reply for over 4 days or never get one after we start rp. so please if you wont answer or not interested then please tell me.

the type of rps im looking for are as follows
lab rp where im subject. ( for a new oc im making and it will have dark themes. prefer 18 +)
Plus anime below
character building
im sure i will find more. i prefer 1 on 1 just due not to be confusing send me a request if ya want as lately ( some people have ghosted me or just have not answered.

elemental gelade.
dance in the vampire bund.
Guilty crown
vampire knight
vampire knight guilty(please note I will not rp with or use canon characters. I will do my own version. I have not read the manga but watched the anime. I wont read the manga due to my favorite characters die and I know I did my research.)
Magic knight aka rakudai-kishi no eiyuutan
Common place to greatest
Magus bride
Seirei no Moribito -Guardian of the spirit
Sword Art Online

Hey so if some of my characters disappear it not that I deleted them I’m just moving them to a different site. Since I don’t have enough room here. Thanks.

I don’t own any of the pics for my oc. I give credit to whoever made them. Plus Pinterest for where I found them. plus any information personality or anything i use from anime and others sources.

i will not rp adult 18 + stuff or gore or horror.

I only do female and male romance.

Don’t expect me to do novel or multi paragraphs.

im a fade to black and I wont rp curtain things

im looking for a sibling for one of my ocs. but also a husband for ayah

I’m tired of being ghosted!

I will not Rp sexual stuff or anything if you post some offensive i will block you.

I don’t do blood or abuse or self harm etc.p


Rave Reviews

  • So much in this gal definitely knows how to Roleplay well. She comes up with the greatest rp themes And is just a riot
    -- Starwarsfan
  • Kungfu is an absolutely awesome person to roleplay with! Their RPs are always crazy fascinating and unique! Honestly, I'm so glad I met them!
    -- FlamingPsycho

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