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Thank you Storm for the help on the welcome! :3

Current Status: Currently not accepting any requests for rps. I've had some health issues come up and my doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with me so until its solved and I get the medicine or whatever else I might need to fix my issue, I will be inactive. Happy to chat but can't rp at the time.
March 20th, 5:09pm

My schedule this week if you like to know. :3

I live in the state of Georgia, Eastern Standard time, +5 GMT
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Off
Monday: 10am to 8:30pm
Tuesday: 11am to 8:30pm
Wednesday: 12pm to end of day
Thursday: 12pm to 8:30pm
Friday: 12pm to 8:30pm

Small warning before roleplaying with me

I normally like to do two to three paragraph replies, normally about four to six sentences or lines long. If you have any IRL problems going on, please inform on them. Do not push yourself to respond to my rps because you think you need to, I am happy to wait till you are more free to continue on. I am decently active however, I do work wonky hours so I am not online all times of the day. I like to give what I get in an rp and normally, if you are a bit rusty with a character, please let me know ahead of time. I will normally try to do a few replies but if I give two paragraphs with several details and get three spaced out sentences, I will politely drop the rp. Also, please be mindful of what you say when someone drops an rp, you never know what they are facing. I live in a bad environment and suffer form random fits of depression so if you are mad I dropped an rp with you, please do not cuss me out because I won't lie, that can send me into a fit of depression and its really hard to get out of those. Thank you for taking the time to read this! And always be safe and have a good day!

A little bit about me for generalization for those who maybe confused.
Name: My name is Casey
Age: 21
Birthday: July 12
Gender: I am female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Taken(by ion_shock)
Height: 5'0
Hobbies: I love to read, write, draw, and sing. I am a big ball of creativity!
RP style: I do a story format and multi-paragraph responses.
Any problems?: Well, due to depression randomly striking, I'll have times where I won't reply at all until a month or two later, depending on how long it lasts. They have become less of a problem in recent years but life will strike and give me more drama than I can deal with. so responses could randomly stop.
I also have a random schedule at my job because I recently got promoted so I'll be working at least 40 hours a week. If I don't reply for a few weeks, send me a reminder please ^^

One thing about me that everyone should know
I love Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Simple Plan, and the list goes ON and ON
Big rock music junkie. :3
Current active PM RPs: 2
Current active forum RPs: 0
Hey, you should click on this!

I am open for more RPs: Yes/No

Roleplaying and what I read

For my roleplaying, I try to be as creative as I can with my replies, I'm not very good at starting RPs unless I have a set idea and setting in my mind that I have been brewing over for a couple days. I will say that all my lovely little characters are bi, like me and are open to just about anything. I will not let them die in an RP, though, unless they are going to come back. I have read a lot of different books, currently I am reading the Black City series, I am hoping to get the next two books for Christmas! Some of my favorite series are Vladimir Tod(I hate how so few people know it), Hush, Hush, and Hunger Games. I have read a lot of novels as well, such as Beastly, Drought, Past Forgiving, Runner(Loved it!), and Rough Waters. I am a bit of a book worm, but I read slow, took me a month to read the Hunger Games. So, if there are any questions about me, my character, my roleplaying style, or anything of the like, please do send me a message. :) Also, if you give constant one-liners, very little detail, or type your actions like "*she ran very fast*" then I will just drop the RP and please do not bug me about the RP because I will just copy this sentence down and explain as to what could be fixed but that I would rather not roleplay with you.

What I will/will not RolePlay

Yuri(this also includes FxF)
Yaoi(this also includes MxM)
Gore/Hard Violence(Only in PMs)
Strong Language(Only in PMs)

I'm gonna list some things about me.
How long have you been Roleplaying?
That one is easy, I've been Roleplaying since January 20th, 2012. I have gotten better over the years form all the different books I've read.

What brought you to RPR?
Well, to be honest, I found this site by accident. ^^; I was on my dA account, removing some messages and looking at some pictures. I was on this picture of two twins, I believe it said they were angels or something, so I checked out the characters' profile on here and thought "Hey, this place sounds interesting, I'll make account!" and so I am here!
The picture thank you CelestineCrey!

What do you like to Roleplay most?
I love Fantasy!!! I don't really understand Sci-Fi unless it is like the zombies are taking over the world; this is surprising because my very first character on here is science experiment went right! I like modern too, but rarely do it. I do like to do romance, with any of my characters(I prefer romance because I know how to be a romantic.)

Extra Stuff

What kind of music do you listen to?
Mostly listen to rock music. Like Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Black Veiled Brides, Offspring, and other bands. I do listen to country too, like Luke Byran, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift(She has some country songs), and Brad Paisley.

What kind of hobbies do you have?
Well, I love to draw, write, sing(even though I suck), and poetry. I love to write poetry with a passion! I do cook sometimes, and a lot of times lately the food turned out pretty good! My stepsister loves when I cook bacon, she calls it "Casey Bacon". XD

You have a stepsister? Aren't your parents together?
No, my parents divorced when I was only three years old, but I still see them and because of the divorce I have a half brother named Trevor and a stepsister named Lucille, but we all just call her Lucie for short. It is funny, everyone in the family I live with have either a y at the end of their name/nickname or the y sound. My stepmother is Sandie, my dad is Billy, I am Casey, and my stepsister is Lucie.

What do you like to write poetry about?
Well, I have written a lot of dark and sad poetry but I do have some happy ones! If you on my dA account, check my gallery, find the Poems folder and there you will find all my lovely poems~!

What song do you think describes you best?
Well, seeing as my personality is kind of strange, I have a sweet side and tough side.
For my sweet side, well, it would have to be either She's Country by Jason Aldean or I pray for you by Jaron
For my tough side, it would have to be either Shut Up by Simple Plan or Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood.
Overall though, the song that truly described me in my oppion would be Who I am by Jessica Andrews.

What would be your saying? Like what you would say to someone in pain?
That is an easy one. I have a couple different ones, so I'll just put up my favorite ones.
Life is full of pain and heartbreak, you have to pick up the pieces, move on, and hope for the best.
Everyone is weird in their own way, but those who can admit that they are different are worth respecting.
Live your life, love your friends and family, and laugh till the tears of joy come(This one had actually been made from my best friend's saying "Live, Laugh, and Love.")

This might come off as a personal question, but what would be your sexuality?
I wouldn't think of that as being personal unless you were ask about it in a deeper context, but the answer is very simple. I am bisexual. I like both women and men, I have since I was in eighth grade and also the fact that during that time and my freshmen year, sex matter very little to me, and it still does now, but I am not going into that, but at the time, I thought that life was a bit more simple in the terms of love, in my mind, how hard could it be to love someone and to have the person have the mutual feeling. Back then, I never had a heart break like I had last year so now I see the complexity of the world surrounding love and lust. I can go on with all of this, but I am not going to. ^_^

What kind of animes/mangas have you seen/read?
Take a sit, this will be a long list, I think.
Sword Art Online, Vampire Knight, Death Note, Black Butler, Blood+, Inuyasha, Black Bird, FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Fairy Tail, Ouran High School Host Club, Hetalia: Axis Powers, and Soul Eater, there is more but I can't think of them right now. I know of Bleach, Attack on Titan, and Naruto but I just can't get into those series, Naruto and Bleach are just too long and still going and Attack on Titan was just not my thing.

My favorite characters

Kuro Sakuranbo-A science experiment that went right but was too smart and ran away! Her DNA has been mixed with many different animal DNA, causing her to change and become stronger, faster, more alert, and all around better.

Luna Nanada- A angel that had been exiled form her own kingdom that she gave her childhood too, but instead of being mad about it. She still has a very kind personality and a gentle heart.

Abby Smith and Casey Sanders- The tragedy of a mother and daughter that doesn't remember each other and have both been given horrible lives to live, losing the only joy they felt.

Belle Jackson- A shy, timid woman whose father had sexual abused her and her mother, then she fell in love with a man who did the same and left her when he got bored, leaving her broken and destroyed.

Mai Schwarze- A witch that has lost her father then brother after she was burnt on the cross. Then she tried to run away form the Witch Clan, and they took away the last on her family, her mother.

Songs that I like/ Describe me

Youtubers I watch

PewDiePie(not so much anymore :/)

Also, some nicknames I have been given over the years I have been alive and the three years that I have been here.
Kmoe(my dad), Cece(my friend Vikky), Crazy Diamond(HRA), Chibi(my friend Sergio), Case(pretty much everyone who is use to calling me Casey), Casebag(DontBeTrippin), Little Sis(Lovrlain), Nutcase(DontBeTrippin), Midget(My friend Henry), Wendy(the little girl from FairyTail, my friend Dustyn), Cassums(Otaku16Otaku) and Moe-moe(my dad).

Other Websites I am on.
Wanna Read my stories or see my artwork? Check out deviantART or my Wattpad
I also have videos, look at my YouTube channel.

Rave Reviews

Exquisite RPer with a variety of ways to keep the RP interesting. Keep it up! - Doctor_Dredd
She is awsome at roleplay, has awsome characters, and is awsome outside of the website. - Inu3026

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