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Contact Info and About Me Website

☆🔞 Follow the above link at your discretion. I tend to operate in more adult situations.☆

  • I am an artist, and I draw all of my characters by hand. I also have a full time job. That would explain some of the lack of pictures.
  • Because of the job I mentioned above, I think about a character often and then the details come later on, after I already made the profile.
  • You can see, I have only a few seen characters. I have, and still counting, a whopping 94 characters on this profile. I change them up often, and so there are different incarnations of them. I also use this to organize all my NPCs and such for future ideas.
  • I mentioned I play games, or if I haven't... I do. Games also take time to play, and I use them as inspiration as well as my manga, comics and books. While it's rare for me to read, I still try to do my best to get something in.

I think that's about it then. Talk to me, become my friend, and get to know the stories and ideas behind my plethora of characters, and perhaps you'll be able to see how they act!

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