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Friendly, charismatic, and sweet as a pup when you get to know him. Diablo is a writer who is so much fun to partake in story with and you're really missing out by not giving him a chance. The fellas that he writes are the strong type and he can really drive the emotions home for the good feels we all secretly dig for in our stories. Jump into a story with him, you won't regret it! - Hadeslicious
There aren't enough adorable pit bull memes in the world to describe this wonderful, adorable man. While Lucian might kill me for calling him adorable, he really is the sweetest guy. He's always there when you need someone, he always has time, and this man is all heart. He has a rough exterior, but he;s really just a great big teddy bear, who games, and is constantly creating. He's been through so much, and to have such a positive outlook and warmth about him, Lucian's a wonder. <3 - Demilicious

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