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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 19
  • Birthday: October 30

Hello, hello!
Welcome to the mess representing me: a bigger mess!

Wanna send me an anonymous message?

I do not accept random friend requests. If we have talked or role played, no problem! Otherwise, no. Thank you!

RP Status
Characters will be on the market soon.
Those that are already up are open to RP’s.
Want to RP with me? Have a plot in mind? PM me! I don’t bite! :)

Weekly Status
Monday-Wednesday I will be more active due to these three days being review days. Most likely will be popping on and off.

Thursday I will not be available until after 4:00pm. Even then, I may not be active as much due to studying. (Two exams the next day!)

Friday I will not be available until after 4:00pm. I should be active after because I’d like to give my poor brain a break and do something fun.

Saturday I will no be available until the evening due to an outing w/ friends.

Sunday I will be available until approximately 7:00pm. Studying will then commence.

I’m your friendly neighborhood nerd that is absolutely in love with anything Tolkien. The same goes for many other fandoms, music, languages, storytelling, and other nerdy things. :) Feel free to call me any nickname you think suits.

I’ve been writing since second grade, and role playing since eighth. I’m 19 now, and in college majoring in creative writing, so this is a familiar process for me. I’ve always loved storytelling, and to write with likeminded people is so enjoyable to me, especially when friendships come out of it.

My time zone is EST

About My Characters
I currently have plenty of spots open for characters. If you’re interested in an RP with me but see that my characters do not fit what you were thinking of, don’t let that dissuade you from contacting me. Chances are, I’m more than willing for an excuse to make more characters! :)

RP Info

- Multi-paragraph
- 1x1
- World building
- Over arching plots
- Fantasy (high/low/urban)
- Sci-fi
- Adventure
- Historical (Vikings, pirates, medieval, etc.)
- Fandoms (LotR, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel, Witcher, and more, just ask!)
- Action
- Romantic subplots
- PM/DM Rp
- Forum Rp

- Group RP
- Multiple characters
- Apocalypse
- Crime/Mystery
- Romance (main focus)
- Death of Character (depending!)
- Fade to black

- Horror
- D&D mechanics
- Slice of Life
- Western
- Military
- Combat (must be tactful; not senseless and constant fighting)
- One shot

- Erotica
- One-liners
- Discord RP/Connections
- Anime
- Animal
- Anthro
- Furry
- Fandom w/ canon characters (Partners may play them; I will not. They’re too hard to get right.)

Rave Reviews

  • It was a blessing to see Lady Istyar return to RPR! Our RP of old was such a fun Tolkien story, and I know her writing is articulate and engaging, and always led to inspiration to write another post! Welcome Back!
    -- Shadow-Ranger
  • I know this person from before, and her writing is on point. She's very creative, and I recommend roleplaying science fiction or fantasy with her. She's a delight.
    -- Abigail_Austin

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