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Above all on my profile please view this before going any further!!!!!

Hi! I'm Laineie and I have very little tolerance for having my time wasted.

If I have cut you off, stopped talking to you, or we 'used to be friends' pre-2017 don't attempt to rp with me.

If you're offended that I'm a white, cis female in a straight relationship with a white, cis man, don't attempt to rp with me. I'm amazed I even have to say that.

If you post more than eight sentences/one 'visual' paragraph as your average normal rp post, don't attempt to rp with me. You'll stop getting replies.

If your public profile publicly states that you're under 18 its very unlikely I'm going to rp with you. If your character profile still has the basic black+white template and/or no character physical description, it's very unlikely I'm going to rp with you. If your character profile goes into depth about your characters 'physical mesurements' other than height, it's very unlikely I'm going to rp with you. If you take more than three days to post its very unlikely I'm going to rp with you. If any of these apply to you, however, you're still welcome to try.

Actual introduction

I'm Micci or Laineine, whichever you would prefer to call me. My Instagram is MicciDowArt and my Gamertag is BunnyZayZay

I've been RPing for nine years now.
I can average about 3 sentences a post, but I can go upwards of two paragraphs during exciting parts or if I'm really interested in the RP. Rping is a way to destress for me, and people who pump out more than a paragraph a post really drain me. Its not my thing.
Most of my stories will contain romance and adult themes, who h can be lessened or increased based on my partners preferences.
I enjoy playing out fights using the Dice tool or leaving all actions open ended to allow my partner the choice of completion.
If we happen to be RPing you have to do something really stupid or cringy to make me stop replying. I will normally warn you if you're doing something I don't like, such as making large posts, but if you continue to do so I will ghost you with no guilt.

Vanehaim has been in the works as long as I've been rping. It started out as a country that literally replaced Italy and now it's its' own world.

Enough about me, let's move on to

Vanehaim is a circular, flat planet, which exists in the Sombrero Galaxy, for any modern/sci-fi stories.

Vanehaim consists of Eleven main countries, which I will detail here:

Cornibus, the small peninsula in the north east, is a country compromised almost entirely of different the two main Orc species in Vanehaim-The Tusked orcs, known for living higher in the mountains and being several times the size of a normal man, with hands large enough to crush a skull like an egg; And the Flat Teethed, Orcs who are noticeably larger but still look like humans, with obvious skin differences and pointed ears. Both types like in carefully protected tribes and do not care very much for outsiders.

Vaedon outlines the edge of Cornibus, separating the peninsula from West Daedn. It is a mostly human country, with some of the elves and Hobbits spilling over into their borders, but they focus their efforts on regular wars and unhappiness with breaching Orc tribes.

West Daedn, Liberated by Azazel Black of Tempus three hundred years ago, is an innocent land with thousands of miles of pink fields, fruitful harvests, and a booming tourist industry. They have no quarrels with any other country, and require heavy protection from Mitya to prevent another disaster like which happened in Paelo. They are ruled by six merchant prince's who divide their country in provinces and bow to the greater rule of Tempus.

South Daedn is a country full of humans and elves, with a fair few remaining towns of hobbits, though many fled after Daedn was split in two to end the Civil War. Like their western sister, South Daedn, they have amazing relations with the Tempian Empire and submit greatfully to the suggestions and commands of the Tempus queen. They are no longer split into provinces as they once were with different laws and regulations, but they do still adhere to what their outdated rules once said.

Paelo, the strip of land connecting the north and south parts of the continent together, was bombed two years ago, by Mitya. Until then the country was a thriving gateway for anyone who wanted to travel. After Mityas attack, the Fairy population in Vanehaim was almost completely wiped out. The country is a barren wasteland now, filled only with destroyed cities and the encroaching pop-up-forts of the Mityan army.

Cudipidas is a land of elves and debauchery just on the norther coast of Cero in the Great Bay between the two landmasses.

Cero is on the far left of the southern end of the continent, a country full of refugees from Paelo. The country is as modern as earth, and the sunny beach college towns stretch into a mountainous desert between them and the Adyan Empire. Here the Humans and the Others have not began any fighting, as the mountain range and Nadia protect them from the threat of Mityan Genocide.

Nadia is just on the other side of the Ceronian mountains, and it changes immediately to a lush, vast jungle. This itself is full of Furres in particular, with some few Demons and Humans in between.

the Adyan Empire, Second only to Mitya in scientific advancement, has a population of only 35% humans. They have supported Mitya as a strong industrial partner and provide much of the production that Mitya needs to fund and arm its war. They have not yet begun to prosecute non-humans, but that has not prevented the mass exodus of Others who aren't willing to risk it.

Mitya is the source of the current World War. They are the most advanced country on Vanehaim, compromised entirely of Humans, and have started all but one of the six world wars Vanehaim was gone through. Their current goal, as has been their goal in all their other efforts, is to cleanse the world of any they deem a 'freak'. This includes the Elves and Dwarves they lived in harmony with before Antigamus Black came unto the world, bringing with him the Demons, Furres, and Orcs who now inhabit the world, almost five thousand years ago.

Tempus Veridium is the other super power in the world War. During the fifth world War, when Mitya finally overtook Tempus, the God of Death, the Necromancer, stepped in to prevent Mitya from taking over the whole world. Then, six hundred years ago, when he ressurecred their current Demonic Queen, she pushed Mitya Back entirely into a tiny southern corner of the world. This is a country of equality and freedom, the police officer of the world, and have so far stretched themselves thin to prevent any more of Mityas destruction.

Rave Reviews

Ok so sorry it took me so long to write one of these. Anywho let me just drop in my two cents about why Laineie is awesome. Firstly, they are a super nice, chill, and easy to talk to person. Understanding when it comes to there being gaps in replies, open to different plot ideas, and great with coming up with their own. It's a nice little part of my day to have a message from them because I really enjoy RPing with them. So overall A++ RPer 10/10 would recommend. - KingEris
I adore RPing with Laineie! She's got great, well-thought out characters, solid posts, and she has been so super understanding and patient with my crazy life and hectic schedule. She has been so kind the whole time, even when I go so long without posting! I'm so grateful for what an awesome RP partner I have in Laineie!! - CelestinaGrey

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