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Might be here today forever gone tomorrow. I'm a 5'6 black hair black eyes 110 pounds. I'm a Lakota Sioux Indian from pine ridge reservation I live in Minnesota now. I only do male/female role play. I do love lust romance sex smut on request. I love angst conflict struggle in role-playing.

I suffer from depression and PTSD plus extreme migrane headaches. I'm here to chat and make friends .

f you need to talk about your troubles or vent I'll be here to listen.I only role play with 18+. I'm only taking requests from 18+. I'm beautiful mysterious spontaneous unpredictable so look out. I've been role-playing for 15 plus years. Let's make 2020 way better than 2019. Any questions come into my teepee. You can message me or use my character guestbook if you want to role play. Let's honor the forum pledge by treating each with kindness and respect. Lets be excellent to each other year around. I will only have conversations within the kingdom of RPRepository sorry no outside contact.

Thank you to my blessed beautiful faithful loyal true friends who made my profile page so awesome💖❤. I'm forever grateful to Kim for creating RPRepository and the moderators who keep this place safe for all of us my home away from home. To make beautiful friends and to roleplay. This is the year of the warrior. To my blessed beautiful reliable writing partners❤💋💞. I am blessed to be your friend. All is remembered nothing is forgotten. Feel free to send friend requests 18+. (I will remember and recover not forgive and forget)(I reward loyality with loyality and disloyality with distance)(Time wounds all heals)(I don't forgive or forget I REMEMBER)(abusive relationships aren't freindships they are abusive relationships)(no tearful reunions or reconcilations)(your apologies or sorries were meaninless and patheic)(you weren't a freind you were my abuser)(Current favorite song. "Here comes The Sun The beatles

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Well, this is woman is kind and loving. Nice and sweet. And have I said adorable yet? Anyway, she's adorable. Not in a weird way.. please don't take out of context. Her RP skills are off the chart and she is so in depth with her character you forget that it's a character! Do you know what I mean? Anyway, she's awesome and I highly suggest you talk to her or RP with her because you won't regret a single piece of it when you are with her!!!! :) <3 - Wilted_Roses
Im giving this wonderful woman kudos due to her kindness! I am unable to RP with her for the next four year (sadly) but even so, she was kind enough to gift me a white rose simply because she saw my comment about not being able to afford one. We haven't talked all that much, so to wake up with that gift from her made my day since I see her around in the forum's a lot and she always seems so nice to everybody.

Thanks for the rose, and we need more people with this much kindness in the world <3. - staticnightmares

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