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Might be here today forever gone tomorrow. I'm a 5'6 black hair black eyes 110 pounds. I'm a Lakota Sioux Indian from pine ridge reservation I live in Minnesota now. I only do male/female role play. I do love lust romance sex smut on request. I love angst conflict struggle in role-playing. Let's honor the forum pledge of treating each other with kindness and respect. I suffer from depression and PTSD plus extreme migrane headaches. Also I'M FREAKING ENGAGED💍💞💄🍻 I'm here to chat and make friends Come in my teepee. If you need to talk about your troubles or vent I'll be here to listen.I only role play with 18+. I'm only taking requests from 18+. If you want to role play PM me don't do the guestbook thing. My appreciation wall. Rune stoner,abgail Austin, deumeawyn,winters fury,Kim, sanne. This is happiest time I ever have had in my entire life. The festival of being excellent of being excellent to each other is fabulous. Let's be excellent to one another year round. I'm beautiful mysterious spontaneous unpredictable so look out. I've been role-playing for 15 plus years. Let's make 2020 way better than 2019. Any questions come into my teepee. You can message me or use my character guestbook if you want to role play. Current favorite song in the end by linkin park. Let's chat before sending me a freind request. I'm tired of being burned.

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She is an amazingly generous person. Even when we were barely acquainted, she gifted me a bacon out of the blue which has allowed for new interesting characters. Looking forward to a roleplay together soon! Kind and understanding Helpful - Tusitala2017
A fun RPer with cool ideas and well-dressed characters. Kind to fellows players, but focused on their RP... Jovial, can roll with the punches. You were cool to play with! :p - Shinyrainbowlithogra

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