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Hello and welcome to my profile. I am your host Lanx12.

Todays Music choice We gotta learn to love again,"

So if you are reading this I'm assuming your looking for a bit of info behind the man who made these characters? Well there isn't much but I'll be glad to try to answer most questions here about myself. Honestly though I don't know where to begin...So I'll go ahead and make a list for you.

I now have a Wattpad! Well have had one so be sure to check it out Here

About Me:

I enjoy simple things I love romance and it is my forte in roleplays, Yes I do enjoy a bit of smut in with it but for me its the pure passion of watching my characters and your character grow together. I've been through alot in my life and can come off tough or hard to talk to due to it. I also have days where I just don't Have motivation to do stuff so my rp creativity suffers. I work hard for my family and friends and believe in taking the time to do stuff right. Also side note I only play with partners who are 18+

Rp likes:
    Slice of life
    I have alot but I can normally work well with others depend on if it catches my eye.

Rp Dislikes:
    Don't control my characters
    Respect my decisions with how my characters are
    Basic rules guys its not hard.

    Game, I do alot of gaming based like Rp such as Red Dead online, Grand Theft Auto Online, and a few others feel free to ask and maybe we can play a bit together.

    Reading, I love to read and get lost in my own little world.

    Writing, A true curse of mine is writing out stories. As it is I have a wattpad where I publish stories when I get the itch.

    Talking, I enjoy chatting with friends when I have time and just enjoy catching up on things.

    Watching good anime is the last of my hobbies.


Shameless Flirt

Good listener

Tries to be a good friend


Warm Hearted

Always takes others feelings into account


So thats about it. If your interested in having a go and sharing a story with me hit me up! Peace out my friends

Rave Reviews

Lanx is such a fun writer, there's just too much to say about him! I love reading his replies, I never get bored reading them and I can't wait long until he sends his next one. Despite only doing one RP together, it has gotten really far thanks to his ideas and progression towards the plot and our characters. I enjoy writing with him, and you will too! - halwa_noori
With such a creative mind and even more creative ideas, this person is an absolute joy to both know and write with. As someone who has had a great number of writing partners in my day, I can say with confidence that this one won't let you down! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Beauty_Fool

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    Oh my dear Lanx12 where do I start? , I have become so fond of the person and the RP partner he is. he makes these beautiful well thought characters of all different types and ideas. Some are simple and others are very complex. I totally enjoy my rp time with him and hashing out ideas. one of the things I love most about his Rps is the playful nature of his characters mixed with their complex personalities. He is a sweet and understanding man who cares a lot about the people around him. Kind and understanding Creative ideas
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