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A family is not who you're related to but can also be the friends you hold close.

Finding strength requires you to look deep inside yourself and face your demons.

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Live Update: 09/06/20: Hey guys! Another update! Sorry I've slowed down a bit these past few weeks have been busy. But I am working to reply to you all ^^ Also! I am fully open to rp again so see a guy or gal you wanna try PM me!

Minor Update: Also I forgot to mention I'm sure some of you have noticed but I am back to writing more detailed replies again. Seems I was finally able to shake off my depression that had been holding me down for a rather long time...As some of my older partners here know...So Be ready to have more fun again <3

Interested in my City RP? PM me for an invite if your 18+ or older. We got great people and great roleplay there!

Characters not available to play with

All characters are free to play


I work with players 18 and up mostly due to my characters.
This has come up many times. I'm sorry but I don't rp with Anon's (Anonymous players) Its nothing against you guys but I just don't want to work with people under the age of 18.

Hello and welcome. I'm Lanx12 a storyteller. So a little about myself I enjoy good rps and try to be descriptive when I'm not half asleep... I'm on US Central Time and I tend to start slacking when I'm tired if you notice me start to forget words or reduce what might be normal paragraphs I might be falling asleep.

For now, I'm currently accepting Roleplays by request only. So if you want to roleplay by all means message me. I won't bite I promise. Also if you need a friend to just talk to my door is always open.

So I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy a starting friendship together ^_^

A little update on the friend's requests I've been getting lately. If we haven't talked or formally introduced to each other I'm afraid I have to Decline sorry its just I don't know you yet.

Rave Reviews

Lanx is a great role player, with each of his characters being well developed. He is always throwing twists and turns into the role play keeping you hooked on each reply.

Lanx is a great person to role play with as he isn't one to sit back and let you come up with all the ideas instead he has amazing ideas and very open in discussion.

Would role play with him anytime! - Em_Flando
Arcodos (played by Lanx12)
omg it's so well thought out. I'd definitely read this series XD - asherb92

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    I've not rp'ed with this muse, nor their writer. But I couldn't help taking notice of them. This muse is not only very well written, but so is the lore for everything. While I'm a fan of Tolkien elves, it's nice when I find other writer's with muses outside of the Tolkienesque. Well done, and well written. I would most definitely take up rp with this muse, if I could figure out a doable plot.
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