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"Ah Welcome to my profile. If you're here to learn a little behind the father who created these characters then I welcome you. Sit down have a cup of tea as I tell you a bit of myself."
I only play with 18+ partners.

"So assuming I haven't scared you off. Hello I'm Lanx. Yes that is my age in my profile I've been roleplaying for over twenty plus years. That being said I have come to find RPR as my favorite place to make and test new characters out and make new friends. Its fun to fully explore and get into your own wonderful world and watch your creations blossom with others.

I know this might sound strange but it feels amazing to watch your characters bond and grow...So I dont have many likes work keeps me busy for most of the time but I do try to find time to reply to my partners and even make new characters. My favorite genes are listed here. Romance, Adventure, Fantasy, Modern, Drama, Slice of life. Or a mix of the stated. So if you enjoy what ya read and see a character that spikes ya interest feel free to send me a message "

Rave Reviews

I've really enjoyed my rp with Lanx12. Seeing that he's replied always makes me a little happy. He's been very patient with me and I really appreciate it. I highly recommend him as a rp partner. He will definitely keep things interesting for you and he's a great person to talk to OOC. - temptation
Been rping with Lanx12's Arcodos and it's been pretty fun. I rather like the concept and he has been rped quite well. Moving on, he has been very understanding when RL got in the way and our rp has been going one for several months now. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Katia

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