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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 31
  • Birthday: May 01


A family is not who you're related to but can also be the friends you hold close.

Live Update: 5/12/19: Hey all another update! So with closing coming soon and the ever so insane moving ones stuff to another I will be busier than normal. I will work on getting replies out when I can but also until I’m in the house fully I’ll be working on my phone with replies. Oh on another note I do have discord so if you want my info drop me a line ;)

Characters not available to play with

Lucas Davenport of the Davenport Family


I work with players 18 and up mostly due to my characters.
This has come up many times. I'm sorry but I don't rp with Anon's (Anonymous players) Its nothing against you guys but I just don't want to work with people under the age of 18.

Hello and welcome. I'm Lanx12 a storyteller. So a little about myself I enjoy good rps and try to be descriptive when I'm not half asleep... I'm on US Central Time and I tend to start slacking when I'm tired if you notice me start to forget words or reduce what might be normal paragraphs I might be falling asleep.

For now, I'm currently accepting Roleplays by request only. So if you want to roleplay by all means message me. I won't bite I promise. Also if you need a friend to just talk to my door is always open.

So I hope you enjoy your time here and enjoy a starting friendship together ^_^

A little update on the friend's requests I've been getting lately. If we haven't talked or formally introduced to each other I'm afraid I have to Decline sorry its just I don't know you yet.

Rave Reviews

  • Lanx12 is a delightful writer, and definitely keeps me on my toes. His sense of characterization and setting is so fantastic, looking at the rest of his characters makes me want to beggar my way into ... oh ... approximately fourteen additional stories, just so I can...
    -- Pekoeboo
  • Awesome rper! I love him to death! He is like a brother I never had. I love every character he has made, and also love how he creates some on the fly if you rp with him on discord. Don't pass him up!
    -- UsagiSmith

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