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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: May 31

There’s nothing much to say except for I’m just a piece of trash that loves to roleplay

I mainly do
•School based rps

I can try to do rps based off of what you like but it might be difficult for me so I apologize for that but be warned that if I ever rp with you that I can’t do super long paragraph responses it’d stress me out too much so I can’t do that

Rave Reviews

  • He is amazing and creative. There is so much I could say but there are only a few words I can have to tell him. The rp stays interesting and his style is awesome. LarryBandz also has a talent for making highly interesting characters. I definitely recommend Rping with him
    -- ShiNoTenshi1008
  • This guy is awsome. I suggest him to y'all he's funny, sweet, and creative you should definitely Roleplay with him as long and as soon as you can
    -- Starwarsfan

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