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  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 18
  • Birthday: May 31

There’s nothing much to say except for I’m just a piece of trash that loves to roleplay. Oh and one last thing:


I mainly do
•School based rps

I can try to do rps based off of what you like but it might be difficult for me so I apologize for that but be warned that if I ever rp with you that I can’t do super long paragraph responses it’d stress me out too much so I can’t do that
Ight so all I can say here is that you can call me D.J. or whatever nickname you can come up with and uh I guess that’s all I really can say here. Oh and I should probably tell you that if you ever wanna include a character of mine in an rp that you’re doing that I’m not a part of then you can but just ask me first

R.I.P. to my dad D’Isaiah Washington Sr. (1979-2019)
LaDerrick Brown-Jones: Vruh...really?


LaDerrick Brown-Jones: Just look at this vro! Do you realize how crazy this makes you seem?

Uh....ok I mean I might as well be crazy for talking to myself using a character that I created vruh

LaDerrick Brown-Jones: Offensive much?

Shut it you Fetty Wap knock-off! I don’t even know why I’m doing this anymore I think I need help

Rave Reviews

  • So, this kid- he's something else. Larry and I tried an RP once that was fun though short-lived, but when we teamed up for a rematch he just ambushed me with one of the neatest modern teen RPs I've ever had! His characters are incredibly well-written with compelling...
    -- GarnaalProductions
  • We didn't get that far into our RP, but I just want to say is how good you are at playing the character. He makes vampires seem really cool.
    -- Dark_Cupid

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