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Schedule (Pacific Standard Time)
• 7p-11p for half the week (days inconsistent)

If I'm not at school, working, doing homework, or playing games; I'll probably be on here.

Hello, welcome to my shit bio. This is the place where I do nothing remotely right, and you are now in that place.

Anyway, you'll know me as Latedozer. My real name will be unknown by all unless I somehow feel comfortable enough sharing it with you.

I'm 19 and am quite stressed about my future right now.

I'm a single male, I'm bi (still trying to figure it out...) Though I lean heavily towards other men at the moment. Though at the same time, no one at school interests me, so who knows whatever I am. However, in the interests of Roleplaying, I'm only gay.

I will play BxB only, I would just like the characters to look human for the most part. Humanoid, human proportions, and the human face is my main thing. Anatomy can be changed, if I end up not liking a change, I will tell you. Otherwise, go at it.

BxB: I will sub, switch, and/or dom and is the only one I'll play. Currently only in a power bottom mood

So, what about fandoms?
Well, the only time I've ever done fandoms was when I was the cannon character, and it never lasted for me. So if I were to try another one, I would have to be an oc. (I just don't do well with characters I personally didn't create)
Some shows and games I know decently well, in no particular order:
Blue exorcist
Dragon age
God of war
Sherlock (BBC one with Cumberbatch)
CW's the flash
And oc the MCU

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