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I am just a human
Don't ask me
I just live my life
Just like you.
Who are you to judge?
You aren't anyone to judge.
Yet everyone has something to say.
Funny isn't it?
We get so offended as people
When people point out our faults,
But have no problem pointing it out to others.
Finding faults in ourselves is how we improve
Everyone wants to improve
But nobody is really willing to.
Everyone is too afraid.
Everyone is too afraid,
To see that they are wrong
Or that they are not perfect.
Everyone is perfect
As long as you are you
And not a scam.
Perfect is relative.
It is in the eyes of the beholder.
You are your own person.
Only you get to decide if you are perfect.
Only you can change yourself.
Nobody else can change you.
They can help you.
If you take the criticism.
But who does?

My name is Drew, you don't need to call me Laydrin. You can if you like but whatever.

I do:
Write long and detailes responses,
Mostly anything you like

I don't:
God mode
Killing characters (without permission)
Anything stupid and annoying like that

I do have discord if you would like.....

Rave Reviews

What can I say? They are the best person to RP with. Laydrin is very funny and knows just how to brighten the mood when it comes to IC chat AND OOC conversations! They are quirky, fun, amiable, and very humorous. I would absolutely recommend going on an adventure with them.
Laydrin is also creative and descriptive when it comes to IC, which I find to be very important to keep life to the RP. Their characters are well thought, their RP ideas are very creative, and they are just SO considerate! - AdoniVae

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