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Ello! I currently have 55 characters, so I can be quite flexible. My usual roleplay time period is either medieval or steampunk, though I can do modern. In terms of genre, my go-to is fantasy or adventure. (please note I can change my characters a tad bit for you!)
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I've been on here since October 5th, 2018 so I am quite new! I usually can reply a few times a week. This profile is under construction, so mind your step. By the way, I go by she/her, though people can call me whatever they like. ^v^
Random Poetry by me:

Life Goes On

Life goes on like a line,
though it is quite hard to define.
Is it a flowing river,
or more of a waterfall?
A collection of mountain ranges,
or a book with seemingly endless pages?

Life goes on for a short while,
almost like a trial.
A start date,
with an end date to anticipate.
Or is it a place,
not a time, but a space?

Life goes on and can be recorded with time,
with ups and downs,
can turn around,
and a prime.

Life goes on and as you grow,
the more you can know.
So go out and learn,
have fun that you can yearn.
Today you're alive and that's all that matters,
make sure to make the best of it before it scatters.

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Y'ALL NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW AMAZING THIS PERSON IS! She has amazing characters and plays them well. She even threw me through a loop when she didn't trust my character at first (totally understood btw). If you need someone that'll add tension to your roleplay, DM Lazari IMMEDIATELY! - TheNightmareSavage
I recently noticed that this person gave me some kudos,and I very much appreciate it ^^. This person here is kind and has creative ideas. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - JetStorm

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