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Instagram: l15artystuff

Discord: Leigh1.5#4741

*Commissions available*

I am DM friendly!

Will draw stupid memes of RP’s

Preferred themes: fantasy, modern, medical, action, horror

Timezone: GMT

Reply time: anything from 6minutes to 3 days but both are extreme ends of the scale. Average 1 day reply. May change with work commitments / uni

Rave Reviews

Monster lovers unite! If you're a fan of the freaky and bizarre, you'll love Leighoflight, because they're everything on the package and so much more. I'm honored to have you as a part of my world, and a little bit of yours! Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - CrystalDisc
We had two RPs so far, and they've been entirely fun! Leighoflight certainly knows how to drive the plot forward and keep things going. Looking forward to more, and seeing what else the Askew family is up to. Creative ideas Fast responses - hexblading

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