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Instagram: l15artystuff

Discord: Leigh1.5#4741

*Commissions available*

I am DM friendly!

Will draw stupid memes of RP’s

Preferred themes: fantasy, modern, medical, action, horror

Timezone: GMT

Reply time: anything from 6minutes to 3 days but both are extreme ends of the scale. Average 1 day reply. May change with work commitments / uni

Rave Reviews

Kiran (played by Leighoflight)
Totally a non-biased post: Kiran is my favourite character of Leigh's. As a character, he's hilarious, the perfect bullying target, yet ultimately a badass by profession. You will love interactions with this blood mage because it's not all edgy dark posts, but a lot of occult goodness mixed with medical knowledge thrown into the mix. 100/10 would RP with again. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - hexblading
Leigh is one of my favorite people on this site. She's easygoing and an absolute joy to plot and write with.

Thank you for being a good friend. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Banshee

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