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DM friendly!

Will draw stupid memes of RP’s

Preferred themes: fantasy, modern, medical, action, horror

Timezone: GMT

Reply time: anything from 6 minutes to 7 days I run a small business and a uni student

Rave Reviews

Faster than lightning and armed to the teeth with an absolutely wildin' imagination, Leigh definitely is your kinda partner if you're after a fantastic game. Her cast is colorful and wonderfully chaotic and, despite only having tried one (sorta two?) of the flavors in her repertoire, I've already had a blast RPing with her. Not only that; I've been enjoying our equally funky OOC babblings a lot too, and I'm looking forward to all the epic trouble we'll get ourselves into! Cheers, mateyy! Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - GarnaalProductions
The one person that has stuck by Lyrium though thick and thin. And the only person she actually calls family! Always enjoy chatting with you or Role-playing and dig those arts and crafts you do! - Suzuan

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