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Status: RPin regularly

A few words that would describe me: Avid gamer, bibliophile, music enthusiast, reader, writer, wife, ailurophile, enthusiastic learner/researcher, undergraduate student and full-time worker.

I love RPing but find it hard to find the time to do so.

Rave Reviews

Kerry is, in all essence, the quintessential, well rounded, excellent RPer. Her characters all bare the markings of a deep, well thought out back story, and she plays them excellently, matching each line and movement to the portrayed personality. She is very kind and a great friend as well, pushing her abilities well past the context of an RP!

It is truely a treat RPing with her, and I'm sure anyone else will enjoy the same experience I have! - RandomNoodle
Quick to respond, and always able to surprise in good ways. I can't recommend her enough. RP with this person! - HeraldOfFire

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