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Status: Attempting to return to RPing regularly until my degree starts up again in October.

A few words that would describe me: Avid gamer, bibliophile, music enthusiast, reader, writer, wife, ailurophile, enthusiastic learner/researcher, undergraduate student and full-time worker.

I love RPing but find it hard to find the time to do so. At the moment I am between modules on my university course so I have a little more time.

Rave Reviews

Quick to respond, and always able to surprise in good ways. I can't recommend her enough. RP with this person! - HeraldOfFire
A fantastic role player (and an amazing friend). Take it from somebody who's been journeying with her for years, through a plethora of personalities and through a world infinitely expanded through imagination. It is the kind of role playing you can immerse yourself in. The kind of person you can talk to easily should any problems arise. The kind of journeys you miss once they reach their destination, and are left wanting to embark on another. Kudos to you, Lia. - Jan_the_Cat

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