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"For the delectation of his mind and the delight of his eyes, he had decided to seek out evocative works which would transport him to some unfamiliar world, point the way to new possibilities, and shake up his nervous system by means of erudite fantasies, complicated nightmares, suave and sinister visions."
-JK Huysmans, Against Nature

Please don't send me a friend request if we've never spoken.
Send me a PM instead! I'm always happy to talk plot.


Rave Reviews

Lib is not only a wonderful writer with a vivid imagination, beautiful sense of humor, unique characters, vibrant ideas, but they are also one of the kindest, most understanding people I know. I am proud to call them a friend and to have had the pleasure of getting to know them this year. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Kruhee
Despite having only been roleplaying with her for a short while, I'm astounded by both her roleplaying skills and friendliness in OOC conversations. Hilarious and with very strongly crafted characters, she's a delight to talk to, and it's impossible to not recommend roleplaying with this lovely person! - Loren

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