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"For the delectation of his mind and the delight of his eyes, he had decided to seek out evocative works which would transport him to some unfamiliar world, point the way to new possibilities, and shake up his nervous system by means of erudite fantasies, complicated nightmares, suave and sinister visions."
-JK Huysmans, Against Nature

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Libertine is simply amazing! I'm actually surprised she doesn't have kudos yet! She's a wonderful person to talk to (none of our chitchats have made me feel like the convo was turning stale), and an excellent RPer. Her posts are very detailed and well-executed, covering every topic and staying wonderfully in-character. From what I've seen, she has an excellent way of keeping ooc info from leaking into the RP. I highly suggest you message her! - MadRatBird
Andronicus (played by Libertine)
Have you ever seen a faun trying not to be a faun and run a business professionally and legitimately instead? Neither have I...until I started writing with Andy! Lib does such an amazing job of writing out the little nuances of the character going against his very nature that it makes for amazing reading and responding. I'm always really excited and eager for the next post so I can see what antics Andy is going to be up to, aside from driving my character crazy! Wonderful writer Drives the plot forward - MissPixie

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