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  • Gender: Transgender Male
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: February 05

Read this first: I don't accept friend requests unless we've talked more than twice in a full conversation, or we're roleplaying with each other. Thank you for your understanding.

Call me Lucree. I'm RPR's resident catboy witch! I'm an artist who loves Fate/Stay Night and Pokémon.

More about Me
INFP-T | Pansexual | Polyamorous | Single | Childfree and Sterilized

Pronouns: He/Him, sometimes They/Them

Zodiac: Aquarius Sun, Scorpio Moon, Gemini Ascendant

Likes: Video Games, Drawing, Cooking, Worldbuilding, Anime/Manga

Dislikes: Cockroaches, Being Rushed, Kids, My Fish Allergy, Squash

So, wanna roleplay? Need advice? Just wanna talk? Then come to me! I'm harmless, but I bite on request... or at will. ;3
Player Condition: Semi-Active; Recovering from Surgery

Roleplay Availability: Open

Roleplay Count: Active: 1|Semi-Active: 0|Inactive: 1|Total: 2

Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (UTC -05:00)

Availaible Sites: RPR|Furcadia|Kik|Skype|Discord|Email

Player Summary: I'm a multi-paragraph roleplayer, with an average of three to five paragraphs. My roleplay style is descriptive, but tends to lean toward purple prose. For those who use the RPG Rating System, my rating is 3/3/2.
1. I only play with 18+ players.
2. Read my preferences and limits before contacting me.
3. IC does not equal OOC.
4. No one-word or one-liner replies.
5. I don't fade to black/time skip with sex scenes.
6. Anon characters must be willing to share their player profile on request.

Roleplay Preferences
I love:
☆Fantasy Genre (High, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, etc.)
☆Adventure Genre
☆Supernatural Genre
☆Romance Genre
☆Original Roleplay
☆Multiversal Style Roleplay
☆18+ Roleplay
•Explicit Language
•Sensitive Themes
•Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Use
•Erotic/Sexual Content
•Sex with Plot
•M×F/F×F/M×M Pairings
•Threesomes and Moresomes
•Switch/Flexible Characters
•Soft Kinks/Fetishes (Ask For More Details)
☆Detailed Characters
☆IC Drama/Tension/Angst
☆Flexible and Patient Players~

I'm very willing to try:
√Action Genre
√Western Genre
√Steampunk/Steampunk-Style Genre
√OC/FC-Friendly Fandom Roleplay
√Dice-Based Roleplay
√Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay
√Almost any other Roleplay/Genre I haven't listed
√Playing With Anthros/Furry Characters

Roleplay Limits
I'm iffy/meh on:
•Fantasy Medieval Genre
•Fantasy Historical Genre
•Low Fantasy Modern Genre
•Non-Fantasy/Realistic Sci-Fi
•Non-Sexual Roleplay
•Minor Horror Themes
•100% Pure Dominant Characters
•100% Pure Submissive Characters
•Changing My Original Lore
Each finished roleplay may be permanently added to my muses' stories, relationships, etc. on an individual basis, as long as we have a good IC and OOC rapport that lasts at least one to two months, and we both agree to the idea. However, please don't force or beg me to edit my lore, especially if changes are relationship-related.
...But ask about these anyway! I might say yes under the right conditions.

I will never do:
×Non-Fantasy/Realistic Historical
×Non-Fantasy/Realistic Modern
×Canon-Only Fandom Roleplay
×Gratuitous and/or Excessive Gore
×Heavy/Psychological Horror
×Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy
×Omegaverse (A/B/O) Elements
×Seme/Uke Labels
I prefer using dom/sub/switch and top/bottom/versatile to describe my muses. If you use seme/uke labels for your characters, that's fine. But don't use them with my muses or pairings involving them. I will not roleplay with you if you do.
×Hard Kinks/Fetishes
×Vore of Any Kind
×Guro/Candy Guro
×Adult Baby/Adult Diaper
×Macro/Micro People or Body Parts
×Forced Bimbofication
×Fetishized Canon Characters
i.e. Characters from franchises who've had their original personality, sexuality, or body proportions/parts changed to cater to any sort of sexual fetish or fantasy.
×Replacing Body Parts for other Body Parts (Like hands growing out of your feet, etc.)
If a fetish is not on the list, ask me if it's okay to use.
×Making Tossaway Characters
×Playing as Canon Characters
×Characters w/ No Personality or History
×Permanent Character Death
×OOC Drama
×Non-Contributing Players
I'm a firm believer in equivalent exchange. I love it when people come to me with their own roleplay ideas before I share my own thoughts and ideas in return. Do not contact me if you have no ideas or characters in mind for a roleplay; I will say no to you.

IMPORTANT: About Reply Speed
My average reply speed is once every week or so. However, this is dependent on my life, my mental health, and my muses' cooperation; I have been known to send out replies every two to three weeks if I'm stuck for ideas or a few times a day if I'm really feeling a roleplay. If I'm quiet after a month, just tap me with a note; life may have caught up with me and I forgot to send out an update.

I'll be upfront if I'm no longer interested, so don't assume that I ditched or ghosted because I took too long. I'll always do my best to make things right, so ask me if something's up, okay? Thank you.

DeviantArt: LightSide-Lucree

Weasyl: LightSide-Lucree

Twitter: @LucretireDraws Lucretire

Rave Reviews

  • Recently, I've recognized how much Lucree has grown. They've been learning how to cope better with the things life throws at them, and I am exceptionally proud of their ability to set personal, clearer boundaries and communicating openly about this, setting a great...
    -- Sanne
  • I know that sometimes Lucree you have ups and downs. Sometimes, they can be bad, and others, not so much. But I want you to know that no matter what kind of day you are having that you are awesome. You are intelligent, definitely more articulate than you give...
    -- Demilicious

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