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  • Gender: Bigender
  • Age: 28
  • Birthday: February 05

Read this first: As a heads up, I do not accept random friend requests unless you've talked to me more than twice in a full conversation, or you're roleplaying with me. It's no hard feels: I just want to make sure that the people on my friends list want to talk with me.


|INFP-T|Bisexual|Polyamorous|Taken yet Available|

Why hello there! My real name is [REDACTED], but you can call me Lotus, Light, or just Lucree! Or whatever you like, I don't mind at all.

I draw, I have cat ears, and I adore Fate/Stay Night, Pokemon, and Final Fantasy! I hope to make my budding pet project, the BURST Saga, into a successful series or franchise one day! (But I still have a long way to go...)

More about Me
Let's start with the flaws first: I'm a depressed and tired catperson that lacks motivation and is beyond shy and quiet. A forgetful slowpoke when responding to roleplays and messages, I get stressed and flighty when placed under any sort of pressure from strangers, period. I also have short bursts of inspiration that die off in a matter of hours or days.

I don't like actively making friends or approaching other people for anything outside of roleplay, nor do I use the term "friend" with anyone unless they have earned that privilege from me. Finally, I give brutal honesty and passionate opinions when requested, necessary, or unwarrented as you get closer to me as a person... Or just in general. Depends on the situation.

If you're not okay with any of this, then I suggest looking for someone else to roleplay with or talk to.
...Oh, you're still here? Good! I just see upfront honesty as the best policy when it comes to my own shortcomings.

I am a nice and generous kitten once you get to know me, and very chatty once I feel comfortable with someone. You can even call me an open book once you really get me talking, let alone roleplaying!

do enjoy the company of others when they approach me, and I'll always try my best to help out when someone asks for it. So despite my flaws, don't ever be afraid to ask for my aid; I love pointing people in the right direction no matter what!

So come to me if you need anything: roleplay, advice, or just getting me out of my blanket cave to talk! I promise I don't bite. ...Much. Unless you offer me sweets as a peace offering. Then I purr instead.

Player Status/Condition: Dec. 9, 2018 - Currently On Hiatus. Happy Holidays!

Roleplay Availability: Closed - On Hiatus

Roleplay Count: Active: 0|Semi-Active: 0|Inactive: 2|Total: 2

Time Zone: Central Standard Time (UTC -06:00)

Availaible Sites: RPR|DeviantArt|Furcadia|Kik|Skype|Discord|Email

I've been active with roleplay for about nine to ten years, specializing in casual and one on one roleplay. I do paragraph/multi-paragraph posts, with an average of three to five large paragraphs. My roleplay style is literate and descriptive, with some fluff/purple prose. For those who use the RPG Rating System, my rating is 3/3/2.
My overall rules are simple:

1. I only play with 18+ players. No exceptions.
2. Read all of my preferences/limits/notes before messaging me.
3. IC does not equal OOC, and vice versa.
4. No one-word or one-liner replies, period.
5. I don't fade to black/time skip with sex scenes.

Roleplay Preferences
I love:
☆Fantasy Genre (High, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, etc.)
☆Adventure Genre
☆Supernatural Genre
☆Romance Genre
☆Steampunk/Steampunk-Style Genre
☆Original Roleplay
☆Multiversal Style Roleplay
☆18+ Roleplay
•Explicit Language
•Sensitive Themes
•Smoking/Alcohol Use
•Minor Drug Use, ex. Marijuana
•Major Drug Use, ex. Cocaine (On Occasion)
If in doubt, just ask me if something not on the list is okay.
☆Erotic Roleplay
•Sex with Plot
•Threesomes and Moresomes
•Switch/Flexible Characters
•Gentle, Romantic Scenes
•Rough Scenes
•Soft/Midline Fetishes
•Nipple Fetish
•Foot Fetish
•Stocking Fetish
•Panty Fetish
•Food Fetish
If a fetish is not here and not in my limit list, then ask me if it's okay to use.
•M×F/F×F/M×M pairings
Side Note: Give me the top three in this list, and you will have made my entire life. <3
☆Detailed Characters
☆IC Drama/Tension/Angst
☆Flexible and Patient Players~

I'm very willing to try:
√Action Genre
√Western Genre
√OC/FC-Friendly Fandom Genre
√Dice-Based Roleplay
√Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay
√Almost any other Roleplay/Genre I haven't listed
√Playing With Anthros/Furry Characters

Roleplay Limits
I'm iffy/meh on:
•Fantasy Medieval Genre
•Fantasy Historical Genre
•Low Fantasy Modern Genre
•Non-Sexual Roleplay (But ask anyway!)
•Minor Horror Themes
•100% Pure Dominant Characters
•100% Pure Submissive Characters

I will never do:
×Canon-Only Fandom Genre
×Non-Fantasy Modern/Real Life Genre
×Gratuitous and/or Excessive Gore
×Heavy/Psychological Horror
×Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy
×Hard/Extreme Fetishes
×Vore of Any Kind
×Extreme Bloodplay
×Guro/Candy Guro
×Adult Baby/Adult Diaper
×Gor/Gorean Lifestyle
×Macro/Micro People or Body Parts
×Forced Bimbofication
×Fetish-Modded Canon Characters
Canon characters who have had their original personality changed to lustful and out-of-character traits, their canon sexuality shifted to act out same-sex/opposite-sex scenes, their proportions grown/shrunken to unbelievable extremes, body parts given to them that weren't there originally, etc.. Somewhat related to general bimbofication.
×Replacing Body Parts for other Body Parts (Like hands growing out of your feet, etc.)
×Seme/Uke Labels (See Notes)
×Making Tossaway Characters
×Characters w/ No Personality or History
×Permanent Death/Character Death
×OOC Drama

Roleplay Notes

Notes on Reply Times: Read This First
I usually take two weeks tops to respond when I'm in the mood or feeling a roleplay; I will take much longer if life happens or I'm not feeling my muse, but I'm still interested in continuing with a player.

If I seem quiet after a month or so, tap me with a note to see if I'm alive. I may have been too busy or depressed to give a response that my partners deserve. I do the same for others when I can to show the good feelings are mutual.

I will be upfront if I'm no longer interested, so don't assume that I ditched because I took too long. I also don't do deadlines or reply speed expectations; if I feel forced to do something, then I just won't do it. Overall, ask me if something's up and I'll try to make things right with those I've missed.

TL;DR: Prefer deadlines? Long waits not for you? Move on.

Notes On Anonymous Characters
I only have one requirement for roleplaying with anonymous characters: Be willing to share your username and player profile with me on request. I refuse to play with any anonymous characters if they can't fulfill this requirement.

Notes on Seme/Uke Labels in Roleplay
First off: I love yaoi, yuri, shonen-ai, and shoujo-ai, and I'm more than happy to talk about semes and ukes... When it comes to manga, anime, or other published media.

Roleplay is a different story. I don't use seme/uke/seke labels to describe any of my muses; it feels like I'm degrading their personalities into bland seme and uke stereotypes. I prefer more realistic and clear-cut approaches to romantic/sexual relations, i.e. dom/sub/switch and top/bottom/versatile.

If you use these labels for your own characters, that is fine. But do not place my muses or any pairings made with my muses into these yaoi/yuri roles. I will not roleplay with you if you do.


DeviantArt: LightSide-Lucree

Twitter: LightSideLucree
Someone say BDSM Test Results?
Why not take a look at mine? (It's surprisingly accurate!)

Rave Reviews

  • I know that sometimes Lucree you have ups and downs. Sometimes, they can be bad, and others, not so much. But I want you to know that no matter what kind of day you are having that you are awesome. You are intelligent, definitely more articulate than you give...
    -- Demilicious
  • By far one of my most favourited RPers on here. I miss their one RP, but hey, I would LOVE to do another RP with their musesand mine. Give them shot! She is worth it!
    -- Asroc

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