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A human destiny, but nothing human inside
Feel free to message me if you like horror, entomology or just games in general!

Hey! I am a brazilian-japanese software engineering student at college so as you can imagine I have to study a lot, still I do my best to answer consistently. Plus I do art as a side-job to help me paying for my education, if you want a cool drawing do check my Ko-Fi for more info here

  • I go into extreme description of adult content, from gore to sweet erotica
  • I do not fade to black
  • I like gruesome and awesome, as these two go well together
  • I can rarely answer during weekends


Rave Reviews

an honest to goodness treasure. hexen himself is a deliciously weird creature but a lovely friend to be acquainted with, and lightsbane themself is equally lovely, though maybe not quite as blood mage-y (or are they?). delightful out-of-character, always swelling with refreshing kindness and... are those centipedes? anyway: they tend a lovely garden of words, and to walk in it with them is a treat for the mind. highly recommended. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - fig

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