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DUDE, they are fantastic!! >:O The ATLA rp we have going on is so well paced and thoughout that I want nothing more than to keep going with it despite my busy lifestyle! They're also very understanding when it comes to taking a break from an rp. And also very patient too! Drives the plot forward Fast responses - Azelforest
I don't know if I should start with how great a person they are or just how skillful of a Roleplayer they can be...though I guess that's the same thing isn't? Not only is Hedgepig an overly nice and completely understanding person, Hedge also has a very unique way of giving feeling to the Roleplay partner through a clean style that I find really cool and have never experienced before! I'm glad to have found this gem in the community and encourage others to try an RP idea with them!! - NyxPara

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