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Hello all, you can call me Emp or Lilith, I am 27 years old. My pronouns are She/Her. All of my characters are 20+ females and mostly bisexual. I love anything with with new worlds, fantasy, romance, horro, mythology, Fandoms{{Toss them out there I''ll let you know if I'm up for it.}}, AUs, Pirates, Vikings, slice of life, and really anything with a good story base. I'm looking for substance in a role play not just pure smut, I'd really prefer once clothes start coming off to timeskip. I am okay with smut as along as that is not all we are doing. I like toe roleplay with paragraphs over one liners. I really try to avoid those if I can. I am open for 1x1s as well as group roleplays. I have been roleplaying since early 2009, I think my first roleplay sites were Immortal Night and Gaiaonline, I haven't been on either of these since maybe 2014. I am a stay at home mom, so I do have a lot of free time. But do understand if I don't reply right away I do have a 5yr son. I also prefer anime/art pictures of real life.

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