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  • Gender: Male
  • Birthday: July 09

Available to rp!!! : at 7:00 am New York time to 10 pm. If I don't respond then that because I'm busy working. There are possibilities that I might be able to respond a few times after 4:00 pm.

Announcement!!!!!!!: Currently working on ALL of my characters and maybe going to bring up a few new faces. I want to give my characters more depth and detail to them as they are all very dear creations of mine! Mainly to give them a bit more spice. So sorry if it seems a bit messy for some of them at first. Though once done, I promise you it will look better and much cooler and cleaner. So I'm looking forward to getting that started with a new character Luca Brown. Check him out as that will kinda be the layout I will put for the rest of my lovely characters and a bit more.

Current Mood: Just feeling a bit down but other then that just bored.

Roleplay rules.

1. No one-liners, please! Each paragraph at least like four-five sentences or more.
2. Please don't kill my characters without asking me and planning it out first. Thank you!
3. If you want to talk about something personal please do it in a separate private message from the rp. Don't be afraid I don't bite and try to help you out and support you as much as I can ^^
4. Again please be descriptive. You don't have to go over the top but I do like some juicy details.
5. No dice rolls. I don't work that way.
6. Please ask if you want rp with me and plan it out together. Don't just pm me out of the blue with a full rp message.
7. If you want to leave the rp please let me know and I'll respect your decision ^^
8. Please only 3rd person with characters
9. Have fun!


Why I love to rp!

I love to roleplay all the time and why? Welp cause it's fun as heck and it improves my horrible writing skills. One thing I don't like about Rps is when people just respond with one line and it's just a letdown, cause for one I love details and if I don't have much to work with then my response back won't be as good as I rather want it to be. Yet again, I don't like full-on 12 story paragraphs since I do take a lot of time to think and write down as many as I can with my character. Just to match or come close to match with the length of yours ^^'. I honestly love to rp because it helps develop my creative brain and just be able to come up with so many things. I love the fact that I have no idea how the other character of the rp will react to my character and how they are in the rp. Plus, I get to meet so many lovely people and make so many lovely friendships. I guess those are the main reasons why I love to rp so much!

About myself!

Yes hello! I go by many names like Leafy or Logie. ( Logie is short for my other name.) I love to read manga, comics, novels, and I love to read poetry. (So if you have poetry and want to share it to a person I'm the one!) I love to talk to people and make new friends cause it's just fun to. I can be a little shy or just overly excited and if so then it's Starbucks fault XD but other then that I love to sketch and draw all the time. I'm just like a beginner so please don't judge my horrible drawings. My goal is to draw anime and be able to make a full-on manga book so yeh. I love to listen to music mostly rock and pop music. I can make a full-on the list on what bands I listen to below, but yeh. And that's pretty much me! XD

Who do I listen to?

Phew, here we go~
TwoFeet, PanicAtTheDisco, TOP, My Chemical Romance, Shawn Mendes , Clean Bandit , Sia, Beyonce, Pink!, Glass Animals, Absofacto, AJR, Alec Benjamin, Bastille, Bryce Vine (Mainly listen to his song - Sour Patch Kids, Lovelytheband, BTS (cause them boys are hot XD), Queen (Obviously cause their Queens), Steve Aoki, Prince, Miley Cyrus (Old songs) Falling In Reverse and just a bunch more but It will take forever for me to put it all down lol so that's a quick idea to leave you from what type of Music I like ^^

Social media that you can follow me or dm at:

Tik Tok: lovely_angel79

Bye Bye!~

Rave Reviews

  • He is very talented at his writing and is a super fun RP partner! I very much enjoy our Roleplay and LillyBlack has some amazing characters as well.

    He's a very kind RP Partner and he's gone above and beyond with the RP we have together.

    ~~Thanks for being awesome~~

    <3 <3
    -- Hikari_Yagaza
  • Honestly. First off, I would like to say, Logan is one of the best people to talk to.I haven't known him very long but he has helped me with so many things, and I can't tell you how happy I was to help such an amazing person too. But aside from that. Logan is one of...
    -- Cece_MCRX_Freak

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