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The stars I would be lost without:
☆Kelby ☆Katie ☆Tea ☆Kait ☆Alina ☆Beastie ☆Cori
☆Stoner ☆Angie ☆Stasia ☆Lisa ☆Cakey ☆Sadi ☆Michonne

Personality Profile
This gif basically summarises me as a person.

Things to know about me:
  • Now that's out the way - I'm Lizzie and I'm in the UK; so usually when you lovely USA folks are getting up, I'm done with my day, and ready for RP. This is something I tend to forget, so be patient with me if I'm asking for rp, but it's say 9am your time.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I am approachable. I will chatter away OOCly as often as I post, and if I'm doing something you don't like, please just tell me!
  • I have a cat. I will spam you with pictures. You're welcome.

Also me, courtesy of Angie.

♥ RIP Dad.
♥ RIP Grandad.

Rave Reviews

This girl and I, we've travelled through all of time and space together. My own personal Donna Noble, my earth girl. There's always an adventure to be had with her. And her roleplaying isn't too bad either! - Coheed
Lizzie is one of those people that you just can't help but to adore. Wonderful roleplayer and even better friend. RP with her people.. Just do it! - Angie

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Recent Activity

  • Nitor (played by Lizzie) has added Syreni (played by BriThePanda), Enthral (played anonymously) to their family.(About 1 day 15 hours ago)
  • Lizzie has befriended Shaddy, Henderson(About 2 days 15 hours ago)
  • Lizzie replied to the forum topic Style it Up (Dice Roll Giveaway)(About 3 days 8 hours ago)
  • Michonne gave Lizzie kudos:
    I've never had a more loyal partner. Even if she doesn't have the muse at the moment to play Mariane, I know Adam and Mariane are going to last forever, because she's never stopped wanting them, and when she is in the mood? Man does she drive that plot forward until she exhausts us both from it! I love this woman! Drives the plot forward Long-term partner
    (About 4 days 21 hours ago)
  • Tea gave Lizzie kudos:
    While our friendship is newly established, I've never felt this comfortable around a person for a very long time. This girl has proven to be SUPER kind and understanding whenever we're not on the brink of roleplaying. Her writing is flourishing and creative; beautifully placed to the point where it's addictive. I cannot wait to further plot with her and forever cherish this friendship that has blossomed! Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 5 days 12 hours ago)