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The stars I would be lost without:
☠️†Kelby ☠️†Katie ☠️†Cori ☠️†Tea ☠️†Kait ☠️†Alina ☠️†Fire
☠️†Stoner ☠️†Beastie ☠️†Lisa ☠️†Sadi ☠️†Moql ☠️†Mich

Personality Profile
This gif basically summarises me as a person.

Things to know about me:
  • Now that's out the way - I'm Lizzie and I'm in the UK; so usually when you lovely USA folks are getting up, I'm done with my day, and ready for RP. This is something I tend to forget, so be patient with me if I'm asking for rp, but it's say 9am your time.
  • Contrary to popular belief, I am approachable. I will chatter away OOCly as often as I post, and if I'm doing something you don't like, please just tell me!
  • I have a cat. I will spam you with pictures. You're welcome.

Also me, courtesy of Angie.

♥ RIP Dad.
♥ RIP Grandad.

Rave Reviews

Shae (played by Lizzie)
Shaes recreation has been more then amazing to witness...and? Roleplay out. The mere emotion and depth of this character, her struggles and Adams consolations. They are almost too real. Her goodness (even if its done in somewhat bad actions...) shines through in the darkest of hours. It is no surprise that her and Adam became close friends. - Michonne
First off I get to pop a Kudo cherry. Secondly, I've known Lizzie for years, not only is she a beautiful young woman in heart and body. Her brain can give you headaches for trying to guess. Creative, imaginative, charming, then you actually meet the characters she's managed to create and its even better.My little half-pint, sister of choice, and most days when I find a muse anymore my rp partner. But first and foremost she's a star worth watching. - TheCoffeeWolf

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