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Ahh I'm awful at making profiles for myself.

I'm an animation student. I like art and other things. Games of Thrones? Yep. Video games? Definitely! Disney? Hella.

I dunno what else to say. Feel free to whisper me if you catch me online, I don't bite and 9 times out of 10, I'm down to RP. C:

Rave Reviews

What can I say! Just so much fun to RP with! She's like a breath of rose scented fresh air And always surprises me!

So glad I metchoo! - Paliana
Loli's the the best. We've been friends for years now. She is warm, funny, and intelligent. Her posts never disappoint. She can paint pictures with words, so if you close your eyes, it feels like you're really there. I love RPing with Loli's characters and I know everyone else who plays with her feels the same way, too. <3 - PookaPanda

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