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Ahh I'm awful at making profiles for myself.

I'm an animation student. I like art and other things. Games of Thrones? Yep. Video games? Definitely! Disney? Hella.

I dunno what else to say. Feel free to whisper me if you catch me online, I don't bite and 9 times out of 10, I'm down to RP. C:

Rave Reviews

Loli is awesome. One of the first people I RP'd with after coming back, and she's part of the group that are reinvigorating my joy in roleplaying, and Furcadia.

If this girl is online, RP with her!
If she isn't, BUG HER ANYWAY. - Tetttiva
While I've given Loli kudos before it'd be an understatement to say she deserved more! It's hard to find convincing romance that really transcends the IC to impact the OOC (never shall they mix, but you'll love her alts as much as I do!), harder still to find that with a player you can befriend for ages. Loli should be on your list to RP with as soon as possible! - Cosmonautilus

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