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Hello! I'm Dove, and that is what you may call me. I'm here to roleplay and have fun. This being said I typically try to keep my personal life and my roleplay life separate; this isn't to say that I'm not friendly or open to small talk. I am PM and friend-request friendly!

|| ~ General RP info & Guidelines ~ ||

• Long Term & Short Term plots are okay with me! I will not be offended if a rp dies off or goes stale-- it happens! So, if you're bored or not feeling it; tell me, we'll either try and fix the issue OR both agree to discontinue the story :)

• I'm open to roleplaying all types of characters; humans, si-fi, fantasy, & animals. if you need a role filled I'm open to creating a character to fit it, just ask!

No Smutt! I do fade to black; nothing more. Let's just keep things simple and PG on this level :)

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