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Hey there, everyone!

My name is Luneth, or Chaos (which is the username, since Luneth also happens to be the name of an OC of mine)!

I am happily married to my beautiful wife, who I've been partnered with for almost 9 years now!

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View list:
  • Tabletop RPGs | (I'm a Forever GM!)
  • Video games! | (Ask me about my favorites!)
  • Music! | (I am a drummer!)
  • Storytelling | (I love being swept away into a grand story, or getting a chance to tell one!!!)

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I am a natural Campaigner. ENFP-A! I am (mostly) an easy-going individual who enjoys socialising! There's nothing I love more than getting to know people on a deeper level, learning their hopes and dreams, and sharing my own! I'm a fan of the good times, and will do my best to bring my positive energy to bear in a way that uplifts those around me! I'm a big believer in the overall good in most people, and have a tendency to be extremely understanding when it comes to mistakes or temporary lapses in character. We are all human, and we all are connected in this circle of life - we might as well be good to one another!

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A few of my favorite things:
Season: Winter
Music: Breaking Benjamin is my muse. But also, I have a wide variety of taste here.
Colour: Purple and Green (I might be the joker.)
Movies: Lord of the Rings take up the top three.
Flavors: HUGE fan of lemon beurre blanc.

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Some hidden text!
I wonder what this one's hiding?
More text to click on!
The next one has a treasure chest under it!
It's locked.
Where in the world did I leave the key?
Maybe under here?
Nope, but there is a note!
It says to look under the 2nd rock on the right.
I pick up the rock.
There's another note.
It says for me to check my pocket.
Oh, the key was in my pocket the whole time!
I open the chest.
There's another chest inside the first chest.
Are you still here?
I'm typing this completely manually.
This actually took some effort.
Somebody stop me!
I open the second chest.
There's another note.
It reads:
THE GAME (you just lost it)

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Roleplay Information
  • Post Length: I typically do semi-para up to 2 para, but will attempt to match whatever I am paired with. I don't have a lot of time to roleplay which limits the amount of time I can spend on it, unfortunately, so please be patient with me!
  • Post frequency: I don't have as much time to dedicate to RP nowadays, so this will heavily depend on our agreed upon post length. I won't guarantee any certain time frame, but I will also do my best to try not to ghost you without letting you know beforehand.
  • Genre: Typically medieval fantasy, with or without magic and other races. Prefer original, but am comfortable roleplaying in established settings as well.
  • Pre-discussion: I don't require discussion when it comes to RP, but I DO ENCOURAGE IT. Typically this is just so that we can get on the same page about what we wish to gain from the story we tell overall. However, if there are to be heavy elements in the story, they must be discussed.
  • Hard limits: I will not roleplay any of the following:
    • Sexual violence/abuse
    • Psychological abuse
    • Extreme gore
    • Violence including minors
  • Soft limits: Discuss these before we play:
    • Any kind of horror
    • Romantic/Sexual content
    • Combat RPs

Roleplay Expectations
  • I will roleplay with anyone, but there are some rules for this:
    1. I will not roleplay romance with anyone under the age of 21. Period.
    2. I will not roleplay anything beyond lighthearted fantasy with anyone not 18+. Period.
  • My writing style is third person and past tense, but can easily be present tense if preferred. Ask me if you want me to do this.
  • As I said in Roleplay Information, I tend to write in semi-para to para. I don't expect my partners to match me if I choose to write more. However, I do expect my partners to read and respond with some effort, so please don't give me one liners unless we agreed upon that. That being said, I am a very forgiving individual, so... just try your best!

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