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Hohoho... what's that? What do we have here? A little... what's the thing they call the likes of you... mon'keigh? Monkey? Mon'keigh monkeys? Aaaaaah, come on pal, who cares what they call you, it's completely unimportant, unnecessary, superfluous, uncalled, uninteresting, boooooooooooring.

What? Who am I?
Oh well, that's actually a good and a very stupid question to ask. No, seriously, giving you the correct answer will probably make your head explode in a sprout of candies and IRS tax forms, you know?
Yeah, yeah, perhaps I'm exaggerating things... perhaps I'm not... who knows, because sure as shit I don't.
Yeah, I know some of you tend to call me complicated, many of you would call me "late" or something like that... so let me start over, will ya?

My name's is Cegorach, and I'm the (supposed) laughing god of the Aeldari race... you know, those pointy ears pals that "surely will never tell you how to stop this incoming galactic disaster that will destroy us all unless it's taken care of"... yeah, yeah, don't worry, you don't need to have lewd pics of Matt Ward all over your bedroom to just understand I'm one of the spirit animals of a bunch of twisted cretins. So that pretty much explains why I went here, ditching the Webway in favour of your World Wide Web... I mean, it's not that bad, after all, you have quite a simple and nice community spend your times here.
So yeah, that's pretty much I... what now?... What do you mean "You should tell them about your preferences and rules for Rping"? They seem to be grown mon'keigh to me, they can figure... all right, fine, fine... jeez.

So, according to the ones in the backstage, It seems like I should put you up with a list of "rules" and all the others thing you should be aware of before considering the idea of joining me in an adventure of writing, emotions and cupcakes (yeah, I have plenty of them to share with my RP partners: nothing like refined sugar and chocolate chips to inspire the creativity, right?).

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SO nice! Cegorach is amazing and I honestly finding myself looking up to his writing, and his kindness. He is very understanding when we are OOC, and IC, he becomes a master in writing. Keep being yourself buddy because you are wonderful. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - KilNi

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