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Hey everyone, Lornzie's here with a wide selection of stuffs to do!

I'm an experienced 'Romance' RP'er, most of my OC's are either Bisexual or Homosexual, I very rarely have Hetro OC's ^_^ I don't FTB, smut is welcome no matter how perverse!

I'm used to 'Fantasy', everyone of my OC's have a 'Supernatural' ability of some sorts, but that can be took away depending on the OC.

I have very little experience in 'Horror or Gore' - This isn't to say I will never do this type of RP, I'm more then welcome to it; but you will have to give me time to adjust!

With that out of the way, as you can see I am open to a wide selection of RP genres! Got a crazy ass idea that you want to try out? I'm all for it! (Within reason, no sicky stuff!)

I'm currently redoing all my OC's profiles, so bare with me while I sort them out and get them polished up and ready for action!

Rave Reviews

I have a lot to say and not much space to say it about this wonderful woman. I can't get enough of her writing! It's addictive and creative and overall so darn amazing! And she is one of the sweetest people I have EVER met! She has a very unique writing style that draws you in and gets you hooked!!! If you like cheesy romance and very intense drama, I highly recommend! Creative ideas Fast responses - _Apollo_
This is one of my first roleplays with Lornzie, but I am loving every post she puts out! She's kind, sweet, patient, and just an all around awesome person! I'm definitely looking forward to another roleplay with her if either of us has an idea for one! - Ricochett

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