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My favorite type of rps are romantic rps, of course you'll have to be 18+ to participate in them.
If anything nsfw happens it'll have to be in pms!
I also work full time so i will try to reply a couple times a day.
My roleplay style is paragraphs, i prefer my partners to match it
And I like dark sexual things, but if things get too intense just let me know! We can take breaks!
I also love sweet rps like slice of life and soft romance<3

Rave Reviews

My god where to begin. It started when they messaged me over an RP ad i'd put out, we're less then 10 posts in and I'm already a fan. the story is cute, the writing is good, and they put up with my terrible writing attempts to match their post length. Wonderful writer Long posts - Thatnerdychick

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