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NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: If I'm not on I'll sort all of the things out, but it'll take time. Also If I'm not on I might be in a game, visiting a friend/family, or I could be at school

Yes I might be a guy but I'm not like the first thing that comes to mind, usually the opposite.
I'm a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, and anyone who isn't is well... nevermind
I enjoy roleplaying fantasy, adventure, and Sci-fi. I haven't done horror. and often am not up for a romance rp.

I like hugs (:
Also friend of mine found this, so thought I'd give it a shot:
Basically, saying nice things to me, don't have to do it

Rave Reviews

Lost takes a complex RP and makes it seem easy, with fast replies that drive the plot forward I can't help but love roleplaying with Lost. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - FrostWolf
So I’ve been roleplaying with them for so long and my goodness they are an awesome roleplay partner they always have patients when I can’t reply or something and they keep our plot moving everyday and they give me new ideas as well! Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward - starwolf

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