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NOTE OF IMPORTANCE: If I'm not on I'll sort all of the things out, but it'll take time. Also If I'm not on I might be in a game, visiting a friend/family, or I could be at school

Yes I might be a guy but I'm not like the first thing that comes to mind, usually the opposite.
I'm a strong supporter of the LGBTQ community, and anyone who isn't is well... nevermind
I enjoy roleplaying fantasy, adventure, and Sci-fi. I haven't done horror. and often am not up for a romance rp.

I like hugs (:

Rave Reviews

Haven't been roleplaying with them for long, but they're absolutely amazing!! Fast replies and decent lengths!! Not to mention their grammar makes me actually happy and not wanna scream. Wonderful writer Fast responses - Anonymous
Lost takes a complex RP and makes it seem easy, with fast replies that drive the plot forward I can't help but love roleplaying with Lost. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - FrostWolf

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