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24.07.2020 Edit: I'm finally done with exams. Now I'm trying to get back to role playing, but kinda struggling with a mood and inspiration

Note: I do not accept random friend requests. If you want to offer a role play or just get to know me, message me first. Let's talk before becoming an official friends on RPR

Welcome to my profile, fellow writers. It is really pleasant to see you here. I am not revealing my real name publicly, but you can call me Lotus. For next few minutes i will be your host.

I am not the most interesting person you have ever met, therefore, i will keep talking about myself short. I am a freshman student and studying Social and Political sciences. I am from Georgia and no, i am not talking about state Georgia. My homeland is in eastern Europe and has nothing to do with North America (in fact, my country is one of the oldest in the world). My native tongue is Georgian but i also speak two other languages. English is my third language. I started writing as "good" as I some other non-English speakers, but since then i have developed, learned quite a lot. So, do not be afraid to message me for role play. I might not be the best role play partner you will ever have, but i will try to do my best!

Now it is enough about me, but if you have any questions we can always talk in private. I would be more than happy to share information about my homeland or whatever interests you. ^-^


Now, back to role playing, below is a list of my genre preferences and style of writing

The most favorite:
1) Romance
2) Fantasy
3) Historical
4) Supernatural
5) Horror
6) Drama

Less favorite:
1) Psychological
2) Action
3) Modern
4) Slice of life

Will never do:
1) Sci-fi
2) Gore

Post length preference:
1) Multi-Para
2) Para

Sometimes will do:

1) Novella
2) Semi

Will never do:
1) One-liner
2) Text talk

*I will always write in a third person*


I also have some rules which I want to be followed(in return I'll follow yours)

1) As already mentioned above, my mother tongue is not English, and therefore I expect you to be patient with my writing skills. Even native English speakers make some mistakes while writing, so obviously it is expected that for me to be a perfect. If you find a mistake in my writing, you're more than welcome to correct me. But if you are a grammar Nazi, stay where you are. We are better off without each other.

2) NO one liner or semi role plays. I have nothing against with people who are one liners and semi role players, everyone is allowed to write as much they wish. I just can't express thoughts and emotions with only a few sentences.

3) I am an adult which means i am allowed to use sexual themes in story, but that does not me I will be your personal angel to fulfill your sexual needs. I will write smut only for the sake of the story and that is being said.

4) I am sucker for romance. However, you will never see my character falling in love at first sight (unless discussed such thing beforehand). Chemistry between characters is very important to me, therefore, I tend to take things slow and build relationships first.

5) When it comes to couples, I am most comfortable with heterosexual pairings. I am also open to FxF but only in rare condition I will agree on it. MxM is something I will never write. That is not my cup of tea.

6) Do not pester me for replies. As a student I am quite busy in real life, which means I will not be able to respond right away. In addition to that, I tend to take my time and write everything carefully and attentively. I want to be sure I give my partners the best of mine.

* * *


By lovely friend of mine, Dorian <3

So, I think that is all for now. Hope there will not be a need of adding some other rules 😝

Hope we become good friends! Have a good day!


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Lotus is a super sweet RP partner and really talented. She’s super amazing! All the kudos from me! <3 - MarleyMonUhOh
LotusFlower needs kudos because she is amazing! LotusFlower is a beautiful writer and a total sweetheart OOC. All our character interactions have been so natural and fun. I have the feeling we are going to cause many more shenanigans in our future. I -always- look forward to her replies <33 - Mipps

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