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Hows it goin. Names LoveSickCow. Why is that my name you ask? Yeah me too. You will come to find that I may be a very awesome person, one of the best some might say. I was offered a spot as Time Magazines coolest dude of 2000forver, but I denied the spot for someone else, because I am awesomely humble like that.

Okay but for real, hi how are you. Good to hear. I have been doing this whole role playing thing for a very long time, though I am sort of newish to this site. I have gotten the ropes by this point and know what it is all about. If I am being honest I am a little bit picky about my Rpers, and thats only because I have met some amazing ones on here, and I can not go back to those one liner rps anymore, hope you can understand my friend

I come up with many ideas all the time, you could probably always see me in the find rps looking for a new adventure. My Ideas may not always be everyone's taste, I dont usually do those romance rps, or highschool rps I see a lot of people do. I like the long term story driven rps taking place in creative worlds and scenarios and am up for any bizarre ideas.


I love making characters for the most part, rather it be a biker caught in a nostalgic retrowave city, or a pirate running away from his old ways of life, I am always down to explore a new avenue with my characters, and I can ensure you that if I dont have a character that fits in your world, I could always easily make one.

I hope you enjoyed your stay in my humble abode. Stick around eat some of the digital sandwiches if you like, they are always good this time of year


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