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Status: 2 slots are still open!

Active/Reply Times: I will be most active and reply to all PMs at 7 p.m. (central) through most of the night, until I can switch to night shifts.


Olivia’s Music Playlist:
🎵 Arms Tonite - Mother another
🎵 my boy - Billie Eilish
🎵 Dissolve - Absofacto
🎵 Island in the Sun - Weezer
🎵 Love Me Dead - Ludo
🎵 N.M.E. - Set It Off
🎵 We All Float Down Here - Four Year Strong
🎵 December - Neck Deep
🎵 Sunset in July - 311
🎵Santeria - Sublime
🎵 Silvertongue - Young the Giant
🎵 Black Sheep - Metric

About Me:
Hello, I'm Olivia! I'm a 19-year-old roleplaying disaster. Im most comfortable with she/they pronouns ❤️. I've been roleplaying somewhere around 8 years now - I love to collaborate with other creative people and create stories together! I'm typically in the multi-para to novella range. I also love video games, memes, lizards, and acting. I major in medicine and minor in theatre. I have a tendency to talk too much, so if you ever feel like starting up a chat or RP, my PMs will always be open!

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