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  • Gender: Gender Fluid
  • Age: 17

~Everyday, try to think of at least 3 things you’re grateful for and why.~

Quote info :)

I love quotes and positivity. I think thinking just small little positive affirmations and sentences to yourself in a hard time shows courage, and it honestly helps. And I just like reading and writing them from time to time. Well, I guess I like showing them while hoping someone else likes them too, so here you go! Haha.

~In your art, you can be anything~

~If we made it this far, we can do anything~

~Without the small step of a man, the giant leap would never have occurred~

~Most people are searching for happiness. They're looking for it. They're trying to find it in someone or something outside of themselves. That's a fundamental mistake. Happiness is something that you are, and it comes from the way you think.~ -Wayne Dyer

~You can't control what happens to you, but you can always control how to react.~ -Unknown (please tell me if anyone specific said this)

~People laugh or cringe at old, overused things. But those things are repeated for a reason. Those things are so powerful they last and are rehashed. Don’t cringe, realize the beauty and meaningful purpose behind it.~

~Sometimes it does more harm to focus on how your feeling and what it means then to just let it go.~

~If you love someone, you say it, right then, out loud. Otherwise, the moment just passes you by.~ -Julia Roberts

~Live free, not safe. If you are free, then you can learn to be safe. You can't learn to be free.~

~Spooky Scary Skeletons~ -Andrew Gold

~We live in a great age of progression and acceptance, fear of opinions should no longer be an issue~

~Everyday, try to think of at least 3 things you’re grateful for and why.~

Reply/ personal status:
I’m really really nervous, but I’m trying. I’m going to try out some new things and see how it all goes.. thanks all of you for being so patient ^_^

Figuring myself out so sorry if any responses seem more oriented into my characters!

Cat update: Such a goodest boy

I live in Canada, MST :)

Character status:
Slower then a dry slug on a sticky surface. We'll g et t h e r e i n . . .

--All my Minor Gods are up now!!! :)--

[WORKINGON: God & Lucifer]


CURRENT RP STATUS: Looking for paragraph length, accepting two per RP idea.

I have:
- 1 Multi paragraph [2 on hold]
- 1 Paragraph length
- 1 Short reply
- 1 In creation

Warnings for me, my characters and RPs:
  • Strong language
  • Adult themes
  • Tough issues
  • Triggering topics
  • Self-discovery

Requirements for me as well as RP partners:
  • Understanding
  • Patient
  • Please no 'Mary Sue' Ocs
  • Please don't give me short responses, one-liners, text talk. Aka. Give me the stuff to work with! if you don't like talking or don't like our RP, tell me! (Includes uninterested tones or messages that really give me nothing to develop with)
  • Please check in if I don’t message for a while. I forget a lot.

Often seen rp topics
  • Romance***
  • Fantasy (Vampires, demons, etc.)**
  • Slice of life **
  • Original plots*****
  • Original characters*****
  • Human*

Also but not as frequently used
  • Scifi
  • Super fantasy
  • Action
  • Futuristic

I would be open to these though, with more strict rules
  • Medieval
  • Super fantasy
  • Furry/animal based
  • Horror
  • Canon (shows)

I usually speak in the third person and in paragraphs, not too long don't worry. My paragraphs usually only include what is necessary unless I am setting up a scene. I would like you to give me a little bit to work with at least, doesn't have to be a novel, just enough. I am not much of a grammar nazi at all, but I would really like it if you had average spelling and at least fix any noticeable mistakes.

My messaging style will resemble yours once we get into it. The amount of work and effort you put into your messages, I will try to recreate :). EG. you send a long, thought out, grammatically correct message, I will do the same. You send a short message, I will too.

But as a warning, I will most likely get bored and stop replying if our messages are short.

I use:

Characters on RPR
  • Dusty
  • Willow(and her four/five personalities)
  • Maddi
  • Terry
  • Ana
  • Keanu
  • Hamilton

    Characters not on RPR
    • Morgan
    • Joey
    • Darcy
    • The Circus

    • Dennis (human)
    • Nox (demon)
    • Chris (human)
    • Mark (human/demon)
    • Rich (fallen angel)
    • God (god)
    • Satan (god)
    • Pandora (god)
    • Sock (human)
    • The band (Ace, Jesse, Fiona, Charles, Dustin)-human
    • Dahlia (human)
    • Elizabeth (ghost)
    • Father (demon)
    • Annabelle (ghost/human)
    • Mable (vampire)
    • Jake (vampire)
    • Doug (werewolf)
    • Phil (human)
    • The trio -in development

    Personal info

    I am a sixteen-year-old in grade 12 who have been Rping for around five years. I try my absolute hardest to get back to everyone who messages me/ responds to my posts. I am obsessed with making things look neat and easy on the eyes, and so I feel quite ashamed of unfinished but public work/ profiles. I work as hard as I can on Rps and profiles and often end up stressing my self out haha. I love meeting people and making friends, so even if you don't have an RP idea, feel free to hit me up. :) I previously identified as female to people and online, but recently have decided to try and start identifying as gender fluid, or labels like it until I feel comfortable.

    I’ve been through a serious depression, self-harm, anxiety, suicidal tendencies within my life and others but have successfully made it through. I am proud to share my experience and help others xx. Please, if you need someone to talk to or get advice from. I can help you and will always give my honest opinion. I am free of any kind of drugs! Off of antidepressants for near half a year, and clean of self-harm one year this Christmas. Super happy :)

    I don’t believe in judgement creating any sort of happy space, and I judge for nothing. You can say anything to me and I will not think of you any differently <3

    I am very spiritual, and will happily offer spiritual help as well xx.

    I write a blog with feelings, reviews and opinions. If you wanna read it just ask and I’ll happily share its name with you :)

    No one is worth any less then anyone else ♥️♥️♥️

    I have a world where almost all my characters are from, if you're interested in it then please ask me! I love it and talking about it haha, self-centred much?? @LowResolutionCrab
    Discord: LowResCrab #3624

    Art info

    Hey! I do art sometimes! If you see my stuff and kinda like it, don't feel bad about asking. I love helping people out and will make you something if you ask nice enough. Mostly free :)

    Insta: lowresart

    You get it, Low-resolution crab is a popular name in all of my things.


    [color=#7D3C98My fav song recently, you might like it. :) [/color]

Rave Reviews

  • Lowrescrab is an inspiration. Their rps are so full of details and their characters are full of life. What a talented person! If you dont rp with them, you are missing out on an experiance unlike any other.

    -- Hikari_Yagaza
  • LowRez is literally the chillest person ever, super kind and caring too! Not only will she dish out some DOPE roleplay, but she's also a great friend! <3
    -- Piinkk

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