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broken halo.

September 2023 - NOTICE: I've decided that RPR profiles are too limiting and that I will move everything to a Neocities website. I still seek players through RPR (and only this place), just know that when I share my characters I'll probably link you offsite.

Notice: RPR Hiatus. Most of my stuff is hidden/anonymous, they’re a WIP or just here to be stored for now. Not open for RP but I’m around to chat.

Away from RPR

⭐️ Long term friends
🔍Long/short term writing partners

✍️Toyhouse (private for now)
✍️Google Docs
I may give my Discord for chats only, it's not where I like to roleplay.

RP Info
📌Over a decade of experience, on and off
📌⚠️Most of my characters are anonymous, I have way more than RPR’s ten slots
❤️Third person multipara (flexible length)
❤️Original or fanon OCs
❤️Modern/urban/dark fantasy
❤️Pretty much most settings besides schools or space
❤️Fluff, combat, horror, comedy, it's all good when we vibe

About me

▪️I'm over 25 (players over 20 preferred)
▫️I'm a Skyrim mod author (technically), I have a handful of custom followers under my belt, I dabble in simple texture edits, refit clothing, and am making a follower on a custom framework with voice; it’s my dream to make something like Inigo or Lucien.
▪️I love character driven games/stories with action and adventure.
▫️I was a hobbyist artist but I don't really draw these days.
▪️GMT time-ish
🦋 “the kind of tired sleep won’t fix”


Lucidus's Characters

Lucidus either hasn't made any characters yet, or all of their characters are anonymous.

Rave Reviews

What can I say? Sunny is incredibly fun to roleplay with and from what I see, has a wonderful sense of humor as well. Great writing, there is always enough details in their writing to react to and I always look forward to their reply. A really cool and interesting character that is Oscar as well ;) - Birdy99

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