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I don't always kill main characters. But when I do, I start by asking,
"Who's your favorite?"

I'm in serious need of an artist. Please let me know if you can draw my charries, although I have no way to pay you 3: imma sowwy.

I'm also probably not going to be on as frequently now that the school year has started and the forensics season is coming up again, so please bear with me here and I'll try to get on and get some replies in whenever I can. Thanks :3

Hello, Lucy here. My friend/teammate Oaky convinced me to join, and I love RPs, so here I am!

Common nicknames for me are Lucy, Luci, Luce, Brim, or simply Lucifer. Call me what you will, I don't really care xD I will often refer to myself as Lucy, though xD

And yes, my profile pic is Ben. Haters gonna hate, but I don't care.


Yes, I know. Lucifer Brimstone was actually a character of mine from a story I have, and he was so wonderfully evil. He needed an equally evil name to match his personality. Therefore, he was dubbed Lucifer Brimstone. However, LB sort of became my nickname and was shortened down to Lucy, much to LB's resentment. The new LB is nothing like the original. If anything, he's the exact opposite: sweetest and strangest guy you'd ever want to meet.

But... You're a girl... So why do you have a guy nickname...?

I'm a tomboy, alright? Deal with it like the cloud turtles. (Lol Oaky) strange as it sounds, I do better with guy characters anyways. I have no clue why.

What's with the hints about aliens and zombies and stuff?

They're stories I have. Nick and Jase are from previous RPs I had before so I decided to transfer them to here just because I love them so~
Randall and Josh are characters from a novel I wrote. Oaky requested them, so I was like "Well, why not?" and here they are now. Leon, Anthony, Sanderson are here now as well. They're from the same story as Josh and Randy are, so they'll probably have a bunch of references too. So if there are any Obscure Inside References, I apologize. You'll get used to it.

I just realized now that 6 of my characters are post-apocalyptic. Wow. XD

So what RPs do you like to do?

I live and breathe fantasy, but I dabble in Sci Fi every now and then. Crossovers are also a lot of fun. I can pretty much do anything. One thing I can do pretty well and enjoy doing is violence. I actually get some sort of strange pleasure from beating up fictional people- the more I like them, the more pain they suffer. XD I'm a twisted monkey that way. I also have a nasty habit of "whacking" my characters when you least expect it, so if I'm in a particularly violent RP don't get attached to anyone unless I express extreme adoration for them (I'll beat them up but not kill them). Still, no promises. *evil laugh*
I've noticed that I have a habit of planning out death scenes in advance, I love them so much. I've also noticed that I'm absolutely horrible at straight out war roleplays. I can handle little 1x1 brawls and maybe a more fantasy type kinda war (swords and bows and stuff) but don't even bother asking me to do a modern war rp with you. I know little to nothing about the military and I have too much on my plate to go and research it, so don't waste your time. It'll just get boring for you and I'll be confused the entire time and that's no fun.
Just a warning xD I will do violence and I like violence, just not full-out war.

I can do canons, but it depends on the canon. Walking Dead and Team Fortress 2 canons are the ones I'm best at.

Also, if you do happen to rp with me, please put some effort into your posts. This means to at least try to be grammatically correct and spell everything right, and also don't answer in one liners unless you have nothing else to say. I understand a mistake here and there, but it's a real turn off for me to try to decipher a post every time I get one. I also hate pouring my heart and soul and time into a post only to get one sentence in response. It doesn't give me anything to go off of and it's also kinda rude, in my opinion. If you can't offer at least a couple of sentences, please don't even bother. The rp goes nowhere and I get bored easily.


Yes I do. :P Jealous?

No, seriously, Oaky and I are on the speech and debate team together and I think it's safe to say we're pretty good buddies. Right, Oaky? XD

Other Random Tidbits and Stuffs:

Favorite authors: Hmm. This is a toughie... Some of them are Brian Jacques, Rick Riordan, J.R.R. Tolkien, Suzanne Collins, Seth Grahame-Smith, Ray Bradbury and Roald Dahl. I probably spelled a lot of those names wrong :P bleh.

Favorite bands: I have a lot so I'll name as many as I can remember- Bon Jovi, Blondie, Areosmith, Guns N Roses, Kelly Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, the Romantics, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Weird Al Yankovich, and Lemon Demon. I'm looking for fellow Lemon Demonites because they're pretty rare... Anyone?

Favorite movies: Megamind, Bolt, the entire LOTR trilogy (total Legolas fangirl o3o), The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Wallace and Gromit and the Curse of the Wererabbit, Alien and Aliens, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Napoleon Dynamite, Blazing Saddles, Jurassic Park, Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Kahn, Star Trek 6: The Final Frontier (I think I got the number right... I need to check), The Back to the Future Trilogy, Saving Private Ryan, Stranger Than Fiction, Pleasantville, Ferris Beuhler's Day Off, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure... I think that's it. Probably more but I can't remember them right now.

Favorite tv shows:
The Walking Dead (guess who my favorite character here is. Go on, guess.), The West Wing (Sam, Josh, Donna and CJ are currently my favorites, along with Simon SPOILAR R.I.P. Simon. You will be missed. ;.; end spoiler), Laverne and Shirley, Happy Days, and Xena (I didn't know Joxer fans were rare :/ I like Joxer). PWN.

Favorite animals: dragons, tigers, and wolves. I like pretty much everything but those are my top three.

Theme song: This Hyper World by Lemon Demon. It explains me, mostly the "I only understand myself" line and the chorus: "What can you do, what can you do about it? I don't know, just run outside and twirl, scream hello at this hyper world..."

Kewl Peeps to RP With:

So that's a little about me. I'll probably be adding more stuff as this website gains my trust, so this is all you need to know for now. XD
I'm looking forward to having some awesome RPs! (Dangit Oaky, you'd better be right.)

"Cluck went the chicken. And that's how they do things on Broadway. Hehehe..."

Rave Reviews

She's so easy to hold a conversation with. Funny too. And that's just talking to her. This girl has some skills when it comes to rping. Her characters are well developed, never lets the plot go dry, and has an AMAZING writing style. It'd be your loss to not talk to such an amazing girl. - epimyth
Lucy is totes adorbs. (I think I used that right.) You will love her to death. She's got a bazillion little ideas up in that big brain of hers and she can't wait to share them with the world. She is great if you like quick responses, and concise, to-the-point and yet detailed posts, and true to life, relatable flesh-and-blood characters.

On top of that, she is just fun. She's a tad bit crazy, but that's why we love her.

Kudos to you, Lucy, for trusting me on this deal. - Oaky

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