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Read first: I don't accept random friend requests.
Call me Lucree. I'm an artist who loves Fate/Stay Night!

More About Me
He/Him | 29 | Aquarius | Bisexual | Polyamorous | Single | Childfree and Sterilized

Hmm? You want to know more?
Then message me!

So, want a roleplay? Or just want to talk? My door is always open!
Player Condition: Semi-Active

Roleplay Availability: Open On Case By Case Basis

Roleplay Count: 0/3

Time Zone: Central Daylight Time (UTC -05:00)

Availaible Sites: RPR|Furcadia|Kik|Skype|Discord|Email

Player Summary: I'm a multi-paragraph player, with a three to five paragraph average. I'm descriptive, but working on being more concise. Oh, and my RPG Rating is 3/3/2.
1. 18+ players only.
2. Read my preferences and limits before contacting me.
3. IC does not equal OOC.
4. No one-word or one-liner replies.
5. I don't fade to black/time skip with sex scenes.
6. Anon characters must share their player profile upfront in PMs.

Roleplay Preferences
I love:
☆Fantasy Genre (High, Modern, Sci-fi, Dark, etc.)
☆Adventure Genre
☆Supernatural Genre
☆Romance Genre
☆Original Roleplay
☆Multiversal Style Roleplay
☆18+ Roleplay
•Explicit Language
•Sensitive Themes
•Smoking/Alcohol/Drug Use
•Erotic/Sexual Content
•Sex with Plot
•M×F/F×F/M×M Pairings
•Threesomes and Moresomes
•Switch/Flexible Characters
•Soft Kinks/Fetishes (Ask For More Details)
☆Detailed Characters
☆IC Drama/Tension/Angst
☆Flexible and Patient Players~

I'm very willing to try:
√Action Genre
√Western Genre
√Steampunk/Steampunk-Style Genre
√OC/FC-Friendly Fandom Roleplay
√Dice-Based Roleplay
√Dungeons and Dragons Roleplay
√Almost any other Roleplay/Genre I haven't listed
√Playing With Anthros/Furry Characters

Roleplay Limits
I'm iffy/meh on:
•Fantasy Medieval Genre
•Fantasy Historical Genre
•Low Fantasy Modern Genre
•Non-Fantasy/Realistic Sci-Fi
•Non-Sexual Roleplay
•Minor Horror Themes
•100% Pure Dominant Characters
•100% Pure Submissive Characters
•Changing My Original Lore
Each finished roleplay may be permanently added to my muses' backstories, relationships, etc. on an individual basis, as long as we both agree to it. Please don't force me to edit my lore if I decline to add a roleplay, especially if changes are relationship-related.
...But ask about these anyway! I might say yes under the right conditions.

I will never do:
×Non-Fantasy/Realistic Historical
×Non-Fantasy/Realistic Modern
×Canon-Only Fandom Roleplay
×Gratuitous and/or Excessive Gore
×Heavy/Psychological Horror
×Pregnancy/Risk of Pregnancy
×Omegaverse (A/B/O) Elements
×Damsel In Distress Elements/Plots
×Yaoi/Yuri Labels and Stereotypes
If you use seme/uke/seke for your characters, that's fine. But don't address my muses with those labels.

I also don't do "weak timid uke/strong stoic seme" stereotypes or anything similar.
×Hard Kinks/Fetishes
×Vore of Any Kind
×Guro/Candy Guro
×Adult Baby/Adult Diaper
×Macro/Micro People or Body Parts
×Forced Bimbofication
×Fetishized Canon Characters
i.e. Franchise characters with their original personality, sexuality, or body proportions/parts changed to cater to a sexual fetish/fantasy.
×Replacing Body Parts for other Body Parts (Like hands growing out of your feet, etc.)
If a fetish is not on the list, ask me if it's okay to use.
×Making Tossaway Characters
×Playing as Canon Characters
×Playing as/with Child Characters
×Characters w/ No Personality or History
×Permanent Character Death
×OOC Drama
×Non-Contributing Players
I love sharing my ideas and thoughts as long as the other party does the same. Do not contact me for roleplay if you have no ideas or characters in mind.

IMPORTANT: About Reply Speed
My average speed is once a week to two weeks. I may reply every three weeks or longer if I'm stuck, or a couple of times a day if I feel a roleplay.

If I'm quiet after a month, ask if something's up. Don't assume that I ditched or ghosted because I took too long. If I'm not interested anymore, I'll be upfront. Thanks.


Twitter: @LucretireDraws Lucretire

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