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Welcome to the abyss!
Not available for roleplay!
Ongoing roleplays: 4

Hello there, it's nice to meet you! I'm Lumi, a female hobbyist writer and artist from the United States. Now, let's jump right in.

When it comes to roleplays, I prefer to write and receive paragraphs, making it easier for me to both respond and visualize what is happening. One-liners are a no-go but I can work with a few sentences if you can't write more than that. I personally tend to write between one and three paragraphs in response but can go for more if you'd prefer.

I'm open to most genres and styles of roleplay but anything really sci-fi heavy or explicit I won't do. I do struggle with some aspects of others (like historical-based roleplays, nautical stuff, battle scenes, etc.) but they are something I am both working on improving on and am fine with doing. If you wish to have a more extensive list, please DM me.

I'm a huge sucker for both romantic and platonic fluff and it always manages to work its way into my prompts. However, it isn't exactly a requirement for roleplays. If a proposal is made and you would like to exclude anything like that, please let me know. I'll be happy to adjust!

I will not respond to every roleplay proposal I receive. I have a life outside of this website and I tend to become quite busy quite often. If I don't respond, don't keep messaging me until I do so. It will only end in a block. It's the same thing if we are already in the middle of a roleplay. Keep in mind that my response times will be slow before proposing a roleplay.

Moving on to more personal stuff, I love Genshin Impact and have been playing since 1.5 during Eula's banner. My first 5 star was Kazuha, followed soon after by Keqing who I recently got my first constellation for! I'm currently AR 55, a bit over halfway to AR 56 but if you know, you know. My current main party set up is Lumine(set to geo), Raiden Shogun, Yanfei, and Kokomi. I'm all caught up in the archon quests and have every area unlocked. If you would like to friend me DM me for my UID!

I'm really into Holo Myth and Council though I haven't watched any of their streams in a while. I've simply found myself too busy to keep up with everyone all the time. However, I am slowly getting back into watching them in my free time! I don't have a favorite, per se, but I do think Calli and Kiara have an adorable dynamic and find myself watching them more often so I guess if I have to pick it would be them.

Like with the Hololive Eng girls, I do enjoy watching anime but simply don't have the time nor the focus needed for it. I haven't watched anything recently though I am still in love with Violet Evergarden, Kakegurui, and a few others. If you have any recommendations feel free to leave them for me!


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