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Timezone: Eastern Standard Time
◆◊◆My RP Writing Preferences:◆◊◆
My preference is third person limited perspective and I always write at least one paragraph (4~5 sentences minimum) per post.

I delve into the details of my RP partner’s post to determine what my character can react to, and I always try to add something that my RP partner's characters can choose to respond to in my replies.

I enjoy creating side characters/NPCs for our characters to interact with. Feel free to create NPCs too if you'd like.

Setting up an OOC PM chat is great for plotting and fun character development ideas as we go, but I prefer to keep some semblance of anonymity so please no overly personal questions about me, let’s focus on crafting a fun roleplay together.

I'm a freelance Illustrator that loves to draw original characters and a bit of fan art too. I do a lot of sketching and my favorite medium is watercolor. ✿My artwork and OCs mean a lot to me, so respect that and do not use any of my sketches or artwork even if you give credit, my art, OCs and Original RP lore/concepts are for my personal use unless they are commissions or art trades I have done for an individual, all of the artwork I use is my own, please respect that! If you like my artwork, and would like some of my art for your OC commission me.✿ I joined this website to engage my characters in different settings, so that I can practice writing and make friends. I'm open to roleplaying canon characters as well but I can be very picky about those, feel free to ask me though.

I'm interested in joining original RPs and some fandom related Rps as well.
Here are few fandom RPs that I'd be interested in being part of (if something is not on this list, it's probably just because I forgot to list it, feel free to leave a comment or send me a PM if you're unsure what else I'll RP):
► Harvest Moon (click this link to view my OC's profile that fits this setting)
► Final Fantasy VIII
► Final Fantasy IX
►Final Fantasy XII(click this link to view my OC's profile that fits this setting)
► InuYasha
►Gargoyles (click this link to view my OC's profile that fits this setting)
► Zootopia
► My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
►Love Live!
► Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated
► Apple Cider's Autumn's Journey
►The Dark Crystal
► Labyrinth
►Star Trek (The Original series and the Wrath of Kahn are my favs. I have a Vulcan Oc, I haven't posted her profile yet.)
►Dragonriders of Pern (click this link to view my OC's profile that fits this setting)
►Ar Tonelico (It's sort of an obscure JRPG series that started on PS2, I love the lore, it's based around "song magic." Here's the wiki:
► Ever After High
► Escaflowne (Anything based in the land of Gaea, I've been considering starting a RP group.)
► Outlaw Star
► Digimon (I have the free Digimon Digital Adventures RPG ebooks, and OC, I haven't gotten around to posting a profile on RPR yet.)
► X-men (I'm most familiar with the Animated Series. Kurt Wagner A.K.A Nightcrawler is my fav. character and I won't mind RPing him.)
◊ ◆ ◊ ◆ ◊
There are definitely things about the post-by-play forum based RP system that I like, but I also sometimes enjoy quick response chat based RPs. I have limited experience with tabletop RPGs or dice systems, but I'm definitely interested in trying some out.

If you're interested in 1x1 RP or group rp with any of my characters feel free to send me a PM and we'll see what happens from there.

✿ I'm currently open for traditional & digital art commissions. I prefer to use kofi/paypal. Send me a PM of what characters you'd like to hire me to draw and I'll give you a free price quote. ✿

Rave Reviews

So this girl she has talent. I mean a lot of talent in her artwork. Also she is awesome Rper. I highly recommend if you want an RP character done to come see this little lady She gets a Lanx12 rating of 100 out 10. - Lanx12
This girl is such a great artist. I've commissioned her for designs as well as art for existing characters and I'm always excited to see the finished result! - Snipehunt

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