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Lulu is a an amazing friend and roleplayer! Me and Luna have done a couple roleplays together and let me just tell you, she is so amazing and sweet! She's always been really nice to me and I am so so so lucky to have a friend and roleplay partner like Luna. She's a very sweet and fun person. Anybody would be lucky as to roleplay with her! 10/10 recommend! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rayne_Storm
It will take about .5 seconds to become invested in the story that Starlight will put forward. There is so much emotion in every post, and she paints a very vivid picture of how her character is feeling. We’ve only RPed together for a little bit, but I’m already having an absolute blast with the story we’ve been writing together. I highly recommend writing with Lunalla-Starlight, because I can guarantee it will be an absolute joy. Creative ideas Wonderful writer - TheDudeWhosLost

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