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Starlight is a wonderful person! Her storylines are engaging and wonderful to unfold. Definitely not a partner to sleep on! Kind and understanding Fast responses - theliquidtoad
Lulu is a an amazing friend and roleplayer! Me and Luna have done a couple roleplays together and let me just tell you, she is so amazing and sweet! She's always been really nice to me and I am so so so lucky to have a friend and roleplay partner like Luna. She's a very sweet and fun person. Anybody would be lucky as to roleplay with her! 10/10 recommend! Creative ideas Wonderful writer - Rayne_Storm

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  • Lunalla-Starlight replied to the forum topic Keep a word, drop a word(About 2 weeks 1 day ago)
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  • Lunalla-Starlight gave Waterdrop kudos:
    Waterdrop is such an amazing role player and is so fun to play with! Words cannot truly describe how much fun i have with roleplaying with them but i would definitely recommend them to anyone if given the opportunity! 100/10! Would definitely rp with this wonderful person again if our current rp ends up coming to a close. Love ya drop. You're the best and i hope others get to enjoy your kind and fun awesome self too! :D Kind and understanding Wonderful writer
    (About 1 month 3 weeks ago)
  • Waterdrop gave Lunalla-Starlight kudos:
    There fun to rp with and are very patient, they come up with a lot of stuff to help move forward, hopefully will play with them again Kind and understanding Drives the plot forward
    (About 1 month 3 weeks ago)
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