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I used to RP a lot, then I avoided it for fear of embarrassment, now I'm back in it.

No shade on people who like slice of life and stuff like that but I need some action/adventure/drama in my RPs. I'm also a weeaboo. Not to say I only do anime RPs, but expect some similar themes.

I prefer not to roleplay without some kind of direction. We don't have to plan every single thing that will happen, but we should at least be working towards some kind of conclusion. If we wanna keep going after that, we can plan a new arc.

Rave Reviews

Lunarthewolf has interesting characters and great ideas. Always replies fast and is great with world building. Definitely a fun writer to work with. Creative ideas Drives the plot forward - EvanlynDestiny
I've only been rping with him for not even a full day, but gosh am I excited for each reply! He replies pretty quickly and is super awesome so far!! Wonderful writer Fast responses - Xx_Ashy_Bear_xX

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