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(0w0)/ Hiya everyone! welcome to my humble lil corner of the inter webs! I love Writing stories and I started RPing When I was 10. My IG Raccoon_luv_potato
I do have discord as an alternative. its alot better to rp on as i get fast notifications on there, just message me and ill send you the link if i decide to rp with you.

Current obsessions
Manga: beauty and the beasts Chinese
Anime: naruto
Video game: Pokémon
Hobby: fishing

~My traits and information~

Traits- quirky, shy, I get overwhelmed and overthink a lot. I love food and animals, geek, hardworking.

Education- I Graduated Both high school and from a Career center For ACT (Auto Collision Technology) This year (2020)

Hobbies- Art, archery, Anything outdoors, Writing stories, Video games

Talents- Singing, drawing.

Fav foods- breakfast foods, all things cheesy, complete junk <3. Milk

My pets- bunnies, Pomeranian named manny, a cat named trixiebelle, a turtle named turret, a hamster named meep. The rest of my family. 🤫

~my RP style~
I like mostly action and adventure, interesting continuous story line, 3-5 sentences, dice roll if needed, groups if possible. I’ll take on the occasional 1 on 1 RP.

Becoming an adult has been a roller coaster so if I don’t reply or ghost you I’m so very sorry. I have a lot of things going on in my everyday life such as jobs, babysitting, and taking care of my mother whom is sick. Group roleplays are my friend during times like this lol

If you at anytime need to stop the RP don’t be afraid to tell me I completely understand.

i enjoy any type of roleplay for all ages theres really nothing i dont like i have a character for all most every fandom or genre, as long as it's kept semi PG. Please refrain from romance as it makes me uncomfortable as I’m in a committed relationship.

Grammar and spelling can sometimes lack from me, it's not exactly my strong point but i'll do my best to give quality to the best of my abilities. sorry for the cringe misspelling And mixups 0-0; Every character i create i mark as mature with violence language and romance only cuz i'm 18 and i'm unaffected by those things, i promise my content is kept PG 13 so you don't have to worry about anything while clicking on my characters.

My personal rules while role playing with me

1. Please no drama, or bullying I don’t tolerate it, disputes should be handled respectfully between role players outside of the roleplay, in character conflict is fine.

2. Don’t be a grammar nazi, not everyone has perfect spelling. Some have dyslexia and English might not be there first language. I personally have fat fingers and forget which variant of word I have to type.

3. Don’t be OP, dice rolls can fix this problem, you gotta have weaknesses and strengths.

4. Please respond with 3 or more sentences, I don’t mind concise at all but I do want something to work with to continue the plot, It becomes harder to keep roleplaying when your stuck.

5. Giving me a Noval to read, I praise the paragraph writers, Because that’s an insane talent let me tell ya <3 but sadly I can’t read 5 paragraphs and type to match it in time before I forget key points and get buried by other reply’s. At most write 2 paragraphs And I’ll be able to remember and match it.

6. Please don’t control my OCs or tell me what my character should do next.

Rave Reviews

Lunasawolf is a great roleplayer, I have done countless roleplays with her, and all of them I have looked forward to. If it wasn't for Lunasawolf, I might not even be on rp repository. - Blade
She is a great roleplay partner, if she's online she'll respond quickly and that was every roleplay needs, a quick response. She is also very concise and I like being in concise roleplays. I'm glad I'm roleplaying with this person Drives the plot forward Fast responses - D4NTE

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