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  • Gender: Female

Hiya everyone! welcome to my humble lil corner of the inter webs! I love Writing stories and I started RP about 10 years ago. My youtube channel is StormyShadowWolf.

Please PM if you'd like to start a RP, I'm busy during school hours so message around 3:00pm. I go to a Career center For ACT (Auto Collision Technology) I get to paint and customize cars.

My hobbies include Archery, Motorsports and art (ceramics and drawing)

Grammar and spelling can sometimes lack from me, it's not exactly my strong point but i'll do my best to give quality to the best of my abilities.

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Rave Reviews

  • Its been a while since i rped with lunasa, but she was the very very FIRST person to get me into rping. She has great stories and ideas that all should check out. She is also one great friend. I hope someday everyone experiences her influence as i have.
    -- linktheriolu
  • Lunasawolf is a great roleplayer, I have done countless roleplays with her, and all of them I have looked forward to. If it wasn't for Lunasawolf, I might not even be on rp repository.
    -- Blade

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