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Hello, I'm Sarah.
I like to roleplay.
I am over 21 - I won't talk to you unless you are too.
I work between 8:00am - 7:00pm GMT M-F.
Married mother of dragons dogs.
Exotic pet enthusiast.
Collector of taxidermy.
Moderator of The Arkaines.

Some of my characters have been retired.
Retired characters are anonymous to keep things neat here.


Rave Reviews

I have never shipped two characters harder than Whitney and Ellie. With Sazz, roleplay is always a wild ride and our characters just seem to take on a life of their own. I still don't know where they're going to take us next and that's a grand adventure that not too many get to experience. Roleplay with her -- you won't regret it. She's quick, her posts are clean and concise, and there's never a dull moment to be had. - emroidz
Luxe is an absolute darling. I've only just begun getting to know her, but she displayed her kindness and warmth in our very first interaction by reaching out to offer emotional support in a difficult moment. The world could do with more of that kind of selfless compassion. In addition, she's just a joy to talk to. Absolutely A+ human. Kind and understanding Helpful - Hooke

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  • Moql gave Luxe kudos:
    Where oh where should I begin? I have Admired Luxe from afar, always seeing their characters and wishing I could have stories like that. The BAM she comes into my life with the most wonderful stories I could ever imagine. She is so kind and patient with me when I have lull periods. I am thankful to have her as my friend, best friend even. Love you Luxe, lets continue to make stories <3 Kind and understanding Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Luxe gave Moql kudos:
    One of the most wonderful people I have ever met. Our friendship has taken a few years to develop and I regret not doing this sooner. Moql is someone I trust wholeheartedly and a woman I happily consider one of my best friends. I love you, Mo. Thank you for writing with me and being an amazing friend. I look forward to all the stories we will create together from now on. Wonderful writer Long-term partner
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)
  • Lelia (played by Luxe) has added 2 new gallery images:
    (About 1 month 2 weeks ago)