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Hello, I'm Sarah.
I like to roleplay.
I am over 21 - I won't talk to you unless you are too.
I work between 8:00am - 7:00pm GMT M-F.
Married mother of dragons dogs.
Exotic pet enthusiast.
Collector of taxidermy.
Moderator of The Arkaines.

Some of my characters have been retired.
Retired characters are anonymous to keep things neat here.


Rave Reviews

I have only written with Luxe a handful of times but I want to write with her all the time. She is wonderfully inventive and each of her characters and fun and unique in their own ways. Outside of RP she is sweet and caring, constantly considerate of others and willing to go the extra mile for everyone. I hope I get to write with her a lot more, I love her characters and her kind heart! Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Caitlin
Sarah is someone I'm so happy to have in my life. No matter the time or distance, she always welcomes me back, and I'm so grateful for it. She's warm, witty, and one helluva writer. Her characters are all, without exception, absolute babes. Please give her a chance and roleplay with her. You won't be disappointed! - Auberon

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