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Just a cutie who likes cute things and cute people.

Massage therapist currently studying nursing. I love affection. And cooking!

I am not wanting to get personal with anyone here really, and will not extend any contacts. Im on here essentially for exploration and expression, practice reading and writing skills. We can talk here and share parts about ourselves, and thats good enough for me.

Started RPing with my GF from an MMO called Ragnarok Online (where my Priest character Luxi is from!)

Privacy and freedom of expression are very important to me. Tell me your safeword ;)

Rave Reviews

They've been awesome, they've made me laugh over and over again. And, they have put up with my slow crappy posts when they happen. I cannot praise them enough Great sense of humor Wonderful writer - Thatnerdychick
I adore this sweet little bundle of joy so so much! They are an absolute font of positivity just seeing them pop up in chat is like a breath of fresh air. They always have something nice or uplifting to say and they are working hard everyday to make the world a better place. As if that wasn't enough they are such a talented writer and even though life has left little time for such pursuits I will gladly wait as long as necessary for my turn to enjoy the fruits of their creativity. Kind and understanding Wonderful writer - Dndmama

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