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I am Lycanhoth, the Demonic Cinder Wolf. Goddess of wolves, and governor of death through a piercing howl of flame. Beware the singed pawprints you find in the forest, and golden eyes blazing with fury from the shadows, for I am a cinder wolf, the Demonic, I am Lycanhoth... and I do not play well with others.

They/Them pronouns

Before inquiring, take note of my limits regarding RP, I'm putting them here so they're easier to access

I will NOT play with anyone (player or character) under 18, although my preference is 21+

other limits include
Toilet play of ANY sort (which I do lump squirting into, just so everybody is aware)
extreme violence (drawing a little blood is ok... but not to the extreme that ER care is required or limbs are missing)
Death of main characters without discussing beforehand

Now, enjoy a little story:

Origins of the Wolfkin - a mythological creation tale

Many eons ago, when the greater wolf god Fennis created all lives equally, all creatures would fish from the river to feed in harmony. One of Fennis' favorite creations were bipedal canine creatures, there were dogmen and Wolfkin, as well as all other creatures Fennis' had created. One Wolfkin stood out from the rest, he was stronger, faster and more cunning than the others, so he was called the Wolfkin prince. But he and his people were gifted with virility and rapid growth. It wouldn't be long before the fish ran out, so Fennis' made necessary adjustments. As well as greater predatory creatures to thin out the Wolfkin population. But then Fennis' offered the prince and his people their own adjustments. Their feet became soft and stealthy, legs long and powerful enough to outrun a gazelle and jump high into trees, fur grew thick and adaptable to most climates, ears and eyes adapted to far hunting and far seeing. And with these gifts Fennis' warned the prince "Run far, run fast. You have many enemies and few allies, wolf prince. And when they catch you, they will kill you. But first they must catch you. May you be cunning and full on unpredictable tricks, and with luck, you and your people will never truly be destroyed."

Rave Reviews

What can I say about Lycanhoth? Well, they are super sweet, kind, and caring ooc. They have boundless patience and they are communicative about story as it goes along. All in all they are a great RPer!! They paint a beautiful picture with their words, and it's easy to come to feel the complexity of their character which unfolds over time in play. I'm really happy that I know them! <3 - Kruhee
Lycanhoth is a great RPer with many wonderful ideas. I really enjoyed our time writing together and getting to talk a bit OOC. They were very understanding when I began to fall out of RP and were very thoughtful and kind when needing to guide me through some aspects of RP I was unsure over. Overall they are a kind and wonderful person I would suggest taking the chance to play with if possible. Kind and understanding Creative ideas - Kruhee

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